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Scorpio Season

Posted by Lauren on October 20, 2017 at 12:15 AM

October 20th ~ 27th

You shall ask

What good are dead leaves

And I will tell you

They nourish the sore earth.

You shall ask

What reason is there for winter

And I will tell you

To bring about new leaves.

You shall ask

Why are the leaves so green

And I will tell you

Because they are rich with life.

You shall ask

Why must summer end

And I will tell you

So that the leaves can die.

~ Nancy Wood

By the end of this weekend the Sun will enter the sign of Scorpio, the sign of birth, death and rebirth; the sign of sexuality and power; all things taboo, shamefully hidden, repressed or tamped down. Scorpio is a sign of attachment, addiction and grasping; it is also a sign of purification, rehabilitation and purging. Through the halls of Scorpio we are compelled to face our deepest fears; our darkest regrets; our shame and secrets. We are compelled to do so in order to heal. Any wound that does not breathe becomes rancid and putrid, and weakens from within. By airing out, and digging up and debriding the poisons from the very root of the wound, we finally begin to heal. It’s time to clear out the Scorpio lairs.

Jupiter, currently traveling through Scorpio will aid in this process. Don’t get me wrong, though. Any planet traveling through the halls of Scorpio are going to stir up trouble. Like Pandora opening up her box, all the dreaded wraiths and demons come to the surface, demanding to be reckoned with. But doing so brings empowerment. Hiding our secret demons in some dark space disempowers us and allows the demons to grow stronger and take hold. Revealing and courageously confronting our demons undermines their power over us. This healing process is already evident with the current #metoo memes, the bizarre brushes with death, the awareness of the catastrophic rise in drug abuse, one extreme disaster after another after another… we need to heal: ourselves, our society, our humanity, our planet.

Scorpio’s unrelenting desire to unveil the truth, and dig up the dirt, can also be incredibly useful! Scorpio is the sign of the detective, the researcher, the analyst, the special counsels of the world. Scorpio delves beneath the surface, stripping away the false facades, revealing the stark truth beneath. These are our guides to the underworld: Charon who paddles us over the River Styx, and the Midwife who ushers us back into life again. Scorpio is the Scorpion, but also the Phoenix, who, devoured by the purifying flames, emerges renewed and reborn out of the ashes of its former self.

At this time of year, it is helpful to purge, to release, to clear out the clutter; and let go of those things that you no longer need, and may even be undermining your own well-being, growth and progress. We are coming with a surge of energy from the recent New Moon. Ride this wave of initiative to clear out the cobwebs, and scour out the moldy corners of your environment and your psyche. Scorpio is a sign of transition and change and alchemy. It is about letting go of those things that we have outgrown. Here in the North this is evident with the changing of the leaves, and the transition from Summer to Winter. It is a time to turn inward, and reflect on those things in life, that are no longer serving you in a purposeful way, and taking up too much space: whether that be a habit; something that once served a purpose but no longer does; or anything that might actually be something of an obstacle to your mental, physical, material or spiritual growth. It is time to let go and declutter our lives, in order to have that space to grow.

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