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Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and the Equinox

Posted by Lauren on September 21, 2017 at 7:10 PM

September 22nd ~ 29th

Here today, up and off to somewhere else tomorrow! Travel, change, interest, excitement! The whole world before you, and a horizon that's always changing! ~ Kenneth Grahame

For the past year, we have been on something of a wild ride. The words unprecedented, unexpected, and unforeseen come to mind. The recent series of hurricanes and earthquakes are only a part of this picture. Jupiter has a tendency to embellish or exaggerate the qualities of a planet or sign it is traveling through, and as Jupiter has been in the sign of Libra, it has also opposed the planet Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and unprecedented. There can be the feeling of being on something of a roller coaster ride when these two oppose in this way, feeling tremendously enthusiastic and excited about the future, and then suddenly taking a nose dive, when things take a sudden turn in another direction. Then there are those moments when both collide.

Jupiter and Uranus will make the last of 3 oppositions this week. The first was in December/January; the second in February/March; and now September/October. It is exact on the 28th. These two planets can push us beyond our comfort zone, and well into unexplored territory. There could even be sudden changes where you feel as if you are being thrust out of the nest, and into a strange new world. It is important at these times to stay at the center of the storm, and remind yourself that even though it may feel like you are diving into the deep end of the pool, the end result can bring incredible growth and unexpected breakthroughs. Sometimes we need a bit of a push to get ourselves out of old ruts, and into a new situation that allows for greater growth and possibility.

If you are not being subject to changes due to outside circumstances, you might be feeling restless and impatient. If this is the case, think twice. Expectations could be exaggerated in this weather, and the tendency to take unwise risks is escalated now. One of the problems with this combination is that it is difficult to gauge the consequences of the decisions we are making now, but this is especially so, if decisions are being made without forethought.

Also on the 28th, Pluto will station Direct after having been retrograde for the past 5 months. Pluto is the power through transformation to heal, rebuild and rebirth. Pluto uncovers and reveals all those hidden things that weaken us and prevent us from growing: things like fear; shame; obsessions; psychological and sometimes physical wounds. While retrograde, Pluto has been working on these on a deep level, purifying, rebuilding, healing. As Pluto stations direct, it is time to let any remaining festering wounds to air out and heal. And if we have done our work well these past 5 months, facing our fears and our wounds, and done something about them, then we should be the stronger for it. Let the smoldering ashes of the past die out, and take what remains, creating something more solid, more stable and more reliable. It is time for us to take the reins of our lives, and to once again be empowered.

On September 22nd, we welcome in the Libra Equinox. This is an excellent time of year to sow peace and gratitude. Make yourself a gratitude list. Look back upon the previous year, with all of its turmoil, craziness and ups and downs, and instead of focusing on that craziness, think about the positive things that have occurred: contacts made, small intimate moments, any sort of successes achieved. There are no small things. Everything counts. Write it out, and put it somewhere safe. As you are writing it, you will be surprised at how long this list can become. Any and all positive energy sent out at this time will help to ameliorate any discordant energy, both in your personal life and in the world at large.

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