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Posted by Lauren on September 7, 2017 at 1:40 PM

September 8th ~ 15th

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground. ~ Rumi

The Jupiter/Saturn sextile is gradually drifting apart, but it is not over. Both of these magnificent planets are also aspecting the North Node in Leo. And this is important for so many reasons. One is that the North Node of the Moon, is like a lodestar, serving as a guide to set our lives on course. Therefore any planets aspecting the Nodes of the Moon open windows of opportunity to bring us where we need to be, in order to fulfill our destiny. This is made all the more poignant this week because Venus, the planet of love, friendship, happiness and desire, will also be conjunct the North Node for most of this week (and therefore also aspecting Jupiter and Saturn).

I have a special place in my heart for Venus/Node connections. Two of my children were born when the Moon was at the midpoint of my Venus and North Node. My youngest has his Midheaven at this exact same degree. For me these are love connections that transcend time and space, confirmation that our lives have intersected over lifetimes from beginning-less time.

When Venus transits the North Node, these are opportunities in which people who are meant to be with one another, seem to connect, or are drawn to one another, like moths to a flame. These are people with whom we share a destiny, a future, and are walking a common path. With both in Leo, you get a feeling of shared joy, and perhaps a bit of celebration and laughter. And love. Leo is a playful sign. And with Venus here we find those people, our playmates, who enjoy doing the same sorts of things we do. But most of all, we are being asked to reacquaint ourselves with those things, people and circumstances that make us happy, and make our hearts sing.

With Venus and the North Node tied up with Jupiter/Saturn, once again there is a suggestion of a shared destiny. Jupiter in the Venus sign of Libra, has been shifting around the pieces on the game board, so that alliances have also been regrouping. And in these strange and extraordinary times of uncertainty, we have all been trying to find our place in the world. Jupiter is our vision for the future, which in Libra is about sharing, equality, justice, civility and kindness. Saturn in Sagittarius is about wisdom gained through experience, and a bit of humbling recognition that there are always those who know more than we do. Together this is a recipe for establishing a plan for the future, based on sagacity, fairness, and sharing. Therefore this is an excellent week for all sorts of long-term initiatives and plans:

  • Traditionally, Jupiter/Saturn is excellent for business planning and opportunities. Combined with Venus and the Nodes, there is an indication that this could also be a lucrative plan.
  • Jupiter/Saturn with the Nodes and Venus looks like a path unfolding before you. You are being given the tools and the directions. But it will be up to you to implement them.
  • It is more possible to find your people and your allies who will help you to discover the best path for you to ultimately achieve your goals.
  • Balance enthusiasm for a future vision, with pragmatic common sense, and reality based initiatives.
  • If you need help, ask for it! Those who can give help will be willing to oblige in this weather. There is a strong sense of us all swimming in the same ocean of life together, aiding and guiding one another along the way. You are not alone.

On another note, Mars entered Virgo last week, while Mercury (now moving direct again) returns to Virgo on Saturday. Mercury and Mars continue to travel together this week, but there is a decided change in energy. One advantage to Mercury being strong and direct in its own sign is that we should feel that we can finally get some work done, organize our minds and our schedules. Virgo is a sign focused on health and well-being and the efficient use of our time, energy and skills. Use these 3 weeks that Mercury will be in Virgo, to organize your life, perfect any talents, or learn new skills that could be useful to you in your work or your daily life. Initially, because of the transit with Mars, this may seem like a daunting task, with a lot of information coming at you swiftly and without filters. But once you are able to focus, and sort things out, there’s no telling how much you can accomplish.

Once again there is a note of caution with Mercury conjunct Mars: This combination is prone to accidents, both physical and verbal. Avoid being in a rush! There’s so much nervous energy here, you could miss some important cues. Let the train go, you’ll catch the next one. Wait for the light. Dare to stop and smell the roses. Even if you are late. Mercury/Mars is notorious for verbal gaffes, or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. Think before you speak, and ask yourself whether what you have to say is helpful, necessary or kind.

What Mercury/Mars is good for: Having the courage of your voice, and the courage of your convictions. Especially for those who are normally timid, this can bring the nerve to be able to speak up and say what is on your mind. Mercury/Mars in Virgo is especially good for the perfection in the performance of action. This can mean perfecting a skill, such as in yoga, dance, any mind/body activity, or sports. Mercury rules the breath. Mars rules movement, the muscles, the will. Mercury rules the hands, and Virgo is a sign of perfection, so the perfection of any sort of skill is emphasized here. Through mindful actions and movement, performing the right actions in the right way at the right time, is a skill to be highly esteemed.

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Reply Rozanne
6:23 PM on September 8, 2017 
I am very new to this. I would like to know when you said that Venus will transit the North Node, how long will that be? And what can I expect? I feel that what you said about being with the person you are meant to be with, will happen soon. Is there a time frame in which this transit and whatever other action is suppose to take place, will occur?
Reply Lauren
6:51 PM on September 8, 2017 
Rozanne says...
I am very new to this. I would like to know when you said that Venus will transit the North Node, how long will that be? And what can I expect? I feel that what you said about being with the person you are meant to be with, will happen soon. Is there a time frame in which this transit and whatever other action is suppose to take place, will occur?

The time frame for the Venus/Node conjunction is approximately from September 11th thru the 15th (Monday thru Friday). One can not say specifically what will happen in these windows, for much has to do with the causes and conditions that were already set in motion. However, Venus/Node transits can indicate times in which people find themselves drawn to one another; or if not to a specific person, then to a group with whom they share certain tastes, styles, or common interests. It is pretty individual as to what each person can expect from this transit, depending on where it falls in your natal chart (your birth chart based on date, time and place), but since Venus rules those things we love and value and make us happy, it sounds pretty fortuitous!