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Cutting thru Delusion

Posted by Lauren on August 30, 2017 at 2:50 PM

September 1st ~ 8th

We must learn to reawaken and keep ourselves awake, not by mechanical aid, but by the expectation of the dawn. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Paraphrasing dear Lama Zopa Rinpoche: You see a yellow bush in the distance, and you can swear it’s a tiger. And no one could convince you otherwise. You see the tiger for yourself with your own eyes. But as you get closer, you see that it really is only a yellow bush. The tiger did not just disappear. It was never there.

We can be quite convinced of something being utterly true, only to find out later that we were totally mistaken. Happens all the time. It may be that’s because it is something that you have always believed to be so; or it could be that with the limited information you have, this is all that you could know. But then something occurs to let you know that there is much more to the story; or you get to see a situation from another angle; or all of a sudden you just see something in a different light. Mercury, the trickster, is stationing Direct next Tuesday in fiery and dramatic Leo, where it will meet Mars which is coming from the other direction. And they meet at the same degree of the August 21st Solar Eclipse, very closely trine illuminating and truth-telling Uranus.

This is also when we realize that the Emperor has no clothes. It’s so easy to go along with the crowd, not wanting to admit that you don’t see any clothes on the Emperor, just assuming that it is your own ignorance that prevents you from seeing the magical clothes. And then out of the mouth of a young child (Leo rules children), is the exclamation that the Emperor is in fact naked. And everyone finally realizes the deception that everyone was subjected to. It was right there before our eyes all along!

Eclipses can be tricky. Their influence can extend for months. It is not unusual for the quicker moving planets, especially Mars, to act as ‘triggers’ for these Eclipse points. We saw this last month when Mars crossed the Lunar Eclipse point. Mars is the culprit again, but this time it is accompanied by stationing Mercury on Sunday, September 3rd as they converge on the Solar Eclipse point. For this reason, astrologers are keeping an eye on this week that is approaching. I would extend the window from the 1st thru the 10th to include Mercury’s actual station on the 5th and beyond that. And because Mercury and Mars are both also trine radical Uranus, what we learn, what we realize, could be mind altering.

Mercury and Mars on their own require something of a caution sign to accompany them. They don't have a very good reputation. Mercury/Mars is associated with gruff speech; harsh speech; saying inappropriate things out of turn, and at the wrong time; regrettable words spoken in haste; and accidents due to impulsive decisions. It can also be associated with bad news; arguments and debates. People tend to be a little touchy around Mercury/Mars periods. People tend to be a little too bold, a little too outspoken, blurting everything out. Mars can be combustible, explosive and very loud in Leo. But Mercury/Mars can also bring us the courage to use our voice, begin new initiatives, gain a greater sense of pride and dignity, and make a new and better beginning. With all this Leo weather, seek to perfect those things that you already do well, and do them even better.

It can also feel like a lot of information is coming very quickly and then having to make quick decisions. This would be all the more so with Uranus in the picture. Uranus can also bring things to light, so that if you have been mulling over a problem, solutions can suddenly and miraculously appear. Mercury/Uranus are associated with flashes of genius, while Mars/Uranus is associated excitement and enthusiasm. This could be rather exciting and even delirious, surprising and unexpected. There’s no telling what can arise when Uranus is in the picture. In the middle of all this is the Full Moon in mystical and magical Pisces on Tuesday (Wednesday, depending on where you live).

The Full Moon is not only in Pisces, but conjunct Pisces-ruler Neptune. In this watery, emotional and fathomless Moon, edges are blurred and boundaries eroded. Pisces Moons can be deeply emotional, filled with fantasies, dreams and delusions. But it can also inspire us to transcend the mundane, and expand the limits of our perceptions, thereby cutting through delusions in order to be able to see things the way they really are, not the way we think they are. This is where the yellow bush comes in.


Full Moons are times of culmination and can bring the results of past actions, causes and conditions to a head. We would all do well to pay attention to where the Full Moon falls in our charts, since it is highlighting the planet Neptune. For the past few years Neptune has been besieged by Saturn and the South Node, making this position a bit of a sore point. We’ve all been besieged to some degree by loss, confusion, and self-doubt over the past year. But by the end of this year and into 2018, Neptune is going to be gloriously illuminated. Neptune can bring tears, sorrow and loss, but it can also bring bliss: the sort of bliss that transcends all sorrow. Neptune traveling in its own sign of Pisces has incredible potential. Perhaps with the Full Moon we will get a bit of a taste of what that can feel like.

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