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Horoscopes: September 1st thru 8th

Posted by Lauren on August 30, 2017 at 2:45 PM

For the week of September 1st thru the 8th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


It may feel like secrets are being revealed, or something hidden comes to light. But you may not notice it with all of the commotion going on. The Solar Eclipse has been conspiring to bring you front and center. And there’s no telling where all that will lead. But it is daring you to step outside of your usual ways of doing things. Dare to take a few risks and think of it all as a bold new adventure. See if you can find space around the Full Moon (Tuesday/Wednesday) to sit in silence, in order to hear the still small voice of conscience, intuition, and your inner guides. The Full Moon in Pisces can bring deep inspiration, solace and soul renewal for Aries. One thing that could come to light, is the necessity of having something meaningful in your life. It doesn’t have to be religious or involve mantras and prostrations, but at this time of year one yearns for a deeper connection, and finding the best way to make that connection.


There’s an element of contentment during the weeks that Venus is in Leo. What’s not to love? Leo is a sign of joy and happiness. And a certain amount of pride as well. Pride in home, loved ones, family, crew, community. Most of all you are being asked to reacquaint yourself with those things, people and community that make you happy, replenishing your inner resources, and giving you the strength to deal with the vicissitudes of daily life. The Full Moon on Tuesday is drawing attention to a spiritual or artistic community that you may be involved with. You might want to ask yourself how you can serve the larger community through a group of people with whom you share a common goal. There are just some causes that are so much larger than oneself. Joining forces with others makes it seem a little bit more manageable.


Mercury stations Direct on Tuesday, and it could feel like you are coming out of the gate running as it does so. This is because Mars is revving you up, and getting you ready for any and all eventualities. And you are on fire. Your mind is sharp as a knife. Just be cautious about what you say and who you say it to, for the words could spill out before you get a chance to edit, and that could lead to later regrets. Your mind may be sharp, but your tongue could be even sharper. Mercury/Mars can get loud and noisy. Pace yourself, and try to turn down the noise around the Full Moon so you can take advantage of some of the waves of inspiration that are flowing in your direction. Stop and reflect, if even for a moment, on some of your higher goals that you’ve been wistfully considering, and see if, in fact, there might be a way to make a few adjustments in the foreseeable future, which will allow them to become a closer reality.


Something remarkable could be revealed in the light of this mystical and glorious Full Moon. It could even feel a little challenging if you find some of your previously held ideas being questioned. Allow your curiosity to prevail. Rather than fight it, see if there is some deeper meaning. In some way you are being asked to stretch your mind and stretch your beliefs, above and beyond your usual conventional way of thinking. Beyond ‘reality’. Something could serve as a trigger: a class, a trip, a religious or spiritual adventure. In some way you are being asked to suspend judgment, sit with ambiguity, and stretch the limits of your perceptions. You could be inclined towards wistful dreams, and idealistic notions. There is not harm in this provided you keep your feet planted on the ground, and are able to discriminate between fantasy or the ideal, and reality.


It’s probably best to not to try and fight the wave of uncertainty that this week might bring. When you try to fight against it, you will only increase any underlying confusion. This is the sort of weather that requires you to release and just go with the flow, understanding that things are in a state of ambiguity right now, and it will be difficult to make plans, or have clear goals. Because things are so uncertain, it would probably be difficult to make definite commitments or plans. It is also wise not to take things too seriously, for things often are not what they appear to be, when shape shifting Neptune is in the picture. When things are in flux, the tendency is to want to hold on even more tightly. But sometimes you just need to let go the bow lines, and allow yourself to go with the flow. One thing that may come of all this, is a deeper sense of purpose and destiny.


Mercury stations direct on Tuesday, which could find you tripping over your own feet as you rush out the door. Don’t. Pace yourself. It may seem at times that you are being inundated with activities and information. It is best to take things one at a time. A sense of making a new start is approaching, but it is first necessary to take care of all the little fires, and not allow impatience to overwhelm you. If things are moving quickly, and they can in this weather, be sharp, and pay attention to the details. This is very creative and ingenious weather, and you will want to catch hold of some of these brilliant ideas emerging. It can be quite exciting really. And allow yourself to be flexible. A sudden shift could prove to be fortuitous in the end. The Full Moon this week could be pretty powerful for Virgo, especially in terms of deepening relationships, and making them more meaningful.


What is not to love when Venus is in Leo, the sign of joy, love and an expansive creative vision? So much can be learned when sitting at the feet of a uniquely creative master. It’s time for Libra to play, and in order to do so, you will need some friends. Dare to make time for those people and activities that make you happy, and bring you joy. The Full Moon in Pisces, is asking you to pay attention to your daily routines. With its proximity to sublime Neptune, you may want to consider creating more serenity in your life by incorporating practices or activities in your daily routine that will promote that. Neptune is also about living out your ideals, such as being mindful of the environment, or eating more local, and organically, or perhaps choosing a plant based diet. With Neptune it’s very much about applying and putting your ideals into action.


We all have something that we are really good at. Something, perhaps, that you can even excel at. This week see if you have the opportunity to show off a little. Don’t be afraid to be in the limelight. It could be that you have something really important to say. Remember, it’s all in the delivery. It may feel a bit as if you are stepping outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes you just have to have your say. The magical and mystical Full Moon in Pisces this week is compelling you to open up your heart in some significant way. Whatever you do, wherever you go, make sure that you are doing so with the motivation of love in your heart and you will be able to cross even the deepest and most unfathomable of rivers, while raising you to the highest of bliss. Talk about inspiration!


Work hard to take advantage of all the opportunities for growth that present themselves these days. With Saturn now direct in your sign, use the patience that you’ve been trying to cultivate, to create something worthwhile and lasting. What you build up now is bound to have endurance. You are trying to establish a solid and reliable foundation in your life. So the Full Moon in Pisces is shining a light on exactly what that might look like right now, from a more ideal point of view. For years you’ve probably been nursing a fantasy of what your ideal home, family, life would or could be. This Moon does have an element of the fantastical weaved into it, but it also is giving you something of a glimpse of just what might be. If you can navigate between the fantasy and reality, you just might get it right.


A sense of empowerment arises when we find our place in the scheme of things, and are then allowed to take control over the destiny of our lives. Generated by the mystical and meaningful Pisces Full Moon, you could feel like you are on something of a mission this week, with a sense of purpose. The more in tune with that purpose you are, the more empowered you will feel. This can also be an incredibly healing Moon. Decide what part of your life needs to be reformed or regenerated, and take the steps to do so. Changes can be made more easily now, than they probably could at other times. Thankfully Mercury will now be going direct again after Tuesday, which will help to dispel the trickster demons that have been haunting us all for the past several weeks.


This week has your kind of energy written all over it. It’s the stuff of which creative and intellectual discourse are made of. This week could feel like it is just flying by, so you will have to be quick. For betwixt and between all the excitement, there are flashes of insight and down right genius. See if you can catch hold of a few of these brilliant ideas before they slip away. You will want to hold on to these. One thing that can happen now that Mercury will be direct again, is that you might find that you have a shift of perception. In this case it is towards greater clarity. If you’ve been trying to solve a problem, sometimes all that is needed, is to look at the problem from another perspective. See if you can get some feedback from others, that could be useful and informative.


The Full Moon this coming week is in your sign, so should be particularly powerful for you. It is especially so for those people born between September 4 thru the 8th, or who have 11-17º of Pisces Rising. Even more so, because people born at these degrees of Pisces, have been feeling Neptune’s strong influence for some time now. However, the tide is changing for both Neptune and Pisces, as the inter-aspects between Neptune and the other planets are shifting in a positive way. Perhaps this Full Moon filled with dreams and fantasies, may just also bring some meaningful insight as to what that might look like in the foreseeable future. Reacquaint yourself with your own inner truths and ideals, and see what sorts of adjustment you might want to make in your life that will allow those ideals to become a closer reality.

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