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Saturn stations Direct

Posted by Lauren on August 24, 2017 at 3:40 PM

August 25th ~ September 1st

Every man must have something he follows ~ something that serves him as a lodestar. He who follows with conviction the beautiful and the good may feel himself strengthened by this saying. ~ The I Ching

Saturn is now making its Station (which means it appears to be standing still), and will gradually seem to be moving direct once again. Usually when Saturn stations Direct, we begin to finally feel that things are now able to move forward that had previously been feeling kind of stuck. Obstacles and limitations fall away, and burdens are unloaded. But this year, it has an added advantage, for we are also being shown a reliable path that will lead us into our future.

However, when planets station they become stronger, and more defined. And Saturn can be a challenging planet to navigate. With the recent Solar Eclipse, the Sun’s vital energy was literally blocked, which can leave us frazzled and drained. Mercury is and has been retrograde in Virgo, which can render us scattered and nervous. Saturn, often manifesting as the planet of doom and gloom, can do all this and more. When there is too much Saturn worry and fear can literally stop us in our tracks, and cause us to doubt ourselves and out abilities. Yet as foreboding as Saturn can be, the whole key to working with Saturn is to actually go through and into the fear and doubts, meeting him halfway.

What we can learn through Saturn, is how to create healthy boundaries. How to be willing to say No, when you need to say No, and set appropriate standards and guidelines. Saturn people are hard workers and take their obligations seriously. They are also very organized and great at setting  rules. When we embrace Saturn’s positive qualities such as dependability, loyalty and responsibility, we actually become stronger, more stable more grounded, and less doubtful. And when we set certain goals, and work hard to achieve them, Saturn can also bring us a strong sense of accomplishment.

Lucky for us all, Saturn is also exactly sextile expansive and optimistic Jupiter this week, taking the edge off of this critical and edgy planet. Where Saturn constricts, Jupiter frees and expands; where Saturn says No, Jupiter says yes; where Saturn sees doom; Jupiter sees hope. Saturn is also traveling in Sagittarius, a Jupiter sign, giving this a double-Jupiter connotation. A double dose of righteousness, a double dose of Yes, telling us, these are the rules, this is what you have to work with, now go figure it out, and make your mark.

Jupiter sextile Saturn is about seeking understanding and trying to find our way in these extraordinary, unpredictable and changeable times. Jupiter/Saturn is about setting goals, and getting a clear plan and strategy in place. Since last Fall Jupiter has been in the sign of Libra and will be in Libra until October. Since then you may have noticed some alliances shifting, perhaps even some strange bedfellows being made, as everyone is trying to figure out exactly who is on which side, and who exactly your allies. Jupiter combined with Saturn is also about creating a vision for the future, and within the realm of Libra this can be very much about equality, justice, harmony, civility and fairness. What Saturn can show us is what we have to do to make that happen.

Traditionally this is seen as an ideal time to create a plan, a business model, or goals for the future. This is because we can see both the larger picture as well as what we need to do to fulfill that vision. There may yet be a few more twists and turns ahead, but if we hold to the plan that is emerging, progress and success can eventually be achieved.

In the mean time, Mercury is still retrograde until the 5th, and even if we see a plan unfolding, we may not be able to implement it right away, as there still may be a few details to be ironed out. One thing to pay attention to this weekend, is how these Mercury retrograde periods are actually the best times to do the very important work of tending to our own minds, and creating better habits. The mind is very plastic. As a result it is malleable and changeable. And anything that is malleable and changeable also has the capacity to be improved.

Most important in this regard, is that this weekend Mercury is making its inferior conjunction with the Sun, heralding the new Mercury cycle. This is the ideal time to plant new'thought seeds,' or set the intention for a new routine, habit, or healthier perspective, that you wish to work on over the next few months. So, ask yourself, what would you like to improve? What quality would you like to try to develop or focus on? Would you like to practice greater patience? Perhaps Kindness or Compassion? Would you like to focus on being more organized?

Mercury retrograde in Virgo can be a little anxious and critical, and make us feel overwhelmed with information and details. One thing we can all do, is perhaps incorporate some sort of mindfulness practice that could help to reduce some of that anxiety and promote greater wellness and stability. By the end of next week, Mercury will retrograde back into fiery Leo where, combined with the robust energy of Mars, will later station on the Solar Eclipse point. So the more we can center, and work on our minds this week, the better prepared we will be for the weeks ahead.

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