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First: The Lunar Eclipse

Posted by Lauren on August 3, 2017 at 3:35 PM

August 4th ~ 11th

I swear, the reason for full moons is so the gods can more clearly see the mischief they create. ~ Michael J. Sullivan (The Age of Myth)

We are swiftly approaching the Great American Eclipse (with all of its ramifications) on August 21st. But even before that, we have a partial Lunar Eclipse on Monday August 7th in the sign of Aquarius. Because this is a partial eclipse, only a portion of the Full Moon will be shadowed by the Earth’s umbra. It will be visible in Europe, most of Asia, all of Africa and Australia, the western part of the Pacific, the Eastern-most part of Brazil, the Indian Ocean and Antarctica. The Eclipse periods can sometimes be quite unpredictable and changeable, and even sometimes overwhelming. And this is not likely to be an exception.

Although the Eclipses are taking place on the 7th and 21st of August, their influence has already begun, and will extend at least through February of 2018. However, the next few weeks can still bring a feeling of being inundated with an abundance of information and activity, while still feeling like you are in the dark, and not having the very specific information you need to make an informed decision. It doesn't help that Mercury will also be retrograde from August 12th thru September 6th. So it will probably be a good idea to hold off on important decisions until after that time, if it can at all be helped. There is no telling which way the wind will blow as we move through this liminal time. But with Mars still in the picture, things are bound to be moving quickly.

Lunar Eclipses are times when the fabric of time and space shift just enough to allow the results of causes already set in motion, to reach fruition. Aquarius is a sign associated with radical and unprecedented departures and beginnings. This is even more so with the recent retrograde station of Aquarius co-ruling planet, Uranus. With Mars opposing the eclipse one worries about speed and explosiveness, anger and impatience.

On the other hand Mars can act as a catalyst, where truths can no longer be denied, and swift action is being called for. There is also a trine between the Eclipse point and Jupiter, which can also inspire us to fulfill our destiny or pursue a grander vision for the future. Through the window of this Lunar Eclipse we can become aware of new opportunities that have the capacity to expand our world in some significant way. And because Aquarius has an association with the greater community, a Big Vision can emerge that has a much larger impact.

This is only a partial eclipse. Therefore it may just feel like a powerful Full Moon, filled with activity, reactivity, emotional anxiety and lost sleep. Nonetheless it begs watching. Mars will transit opposite the Lunar Eclipse point on Sunday, August 13th, and can act like something of a trigger or catalyst for the potential contained in this lunation. Truths are revealed, situations brought to a conclusion, conflicts brought to a head at these times. And it’s just a beginning. We still have that radical Solar Eclipse on August 21st which opposes the US Moon in the US Sibley chart, and sits squarely on the Mars/Ascendant of the President. Keep those seat belts fastened. It’s bound to be something of a bumpy ride.

The space between the two eclipses can feel like a crazy roller coaster of change and unpredictability. Some may feel like they are free falling, while others will feel the energy drain from the Solar Eclipse. The veil between the two eclipses is where change, insanity and time warps converge and all we can do is walk through the veil to the other side.

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