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Of Truth and Power ~ Jupiter square Pluto

Posted by Lauren on July 27, 2017 at 11:00 AM

July 28th ~ August 4th

Look at the facts of the world. You see a continual and progressive triumph of what is right. I do not pretend to understand the moral universe, the arc is a long one, my eye reaches but little way. I cannot calculate the curve and complete the figure by the experience of sight; I can divine it by conscience. But from what I see I am sure it bends towards justice. ~ Theodore Parker

The Sun and Mars continue to travel together this week, straight through the 1st quarter Moon and beyond. So it may be a while before things slow down to a coasting speed. Unless it’s the coasting version of the speed of light. This Martian scenario keeps popping up: 1st with the New Moon conjunct Mars; the 1st quarter Moon square Mars this week; and the Lunar Eclipse on August 7th opposite Mars. Ouch. Mars in Leo is inspiring, energized, and confident; but it is also bossy, brash and egotistical. There may be quite a few egos flying around here. Interestingly, the Solar Eclipse on August 21st will be conjunct President Trump’s Mars and Ascendant in Leo. This will be something to watch in the upcoming weeks.

This week there are two phenomenon to pay attention to: one is the close square between Jupiter and Pluto; the other is the retrograde station of crazy and unpredictable Uranus. With the recent Uranus squares to Sun and Mars, it has been all one can do to keep up with the ever-changing schedules, plans, perspectives and events. Now Uranus is stationing retrograde, and when planets station and appear to stand still, we tend to notice them more. And with Uranus, you are never quite sure what to expect. Throw in a few eclipses and the Mercury station on August 12th, and we won’t know if we’re coming or going. Things can suddenly and unexpectedly collapse into chaos around these stations, as everything gets turned on its head.

However, it is during the 5-month retrograde periods of Uranus each year that we explore what makes us unique, what makes us special, uncommon and an individual. Uranus has to do with originality, ingenuity and creativity. Sometimes when things get a little shook up, we are able to look at things from another perspective, from which new and innovative solutions arise. There is an evolutionary process here in discovering our own inner truth and figuring out how to make that manifest in our lives. It may only be a sudden awakening or realization that allows you to see things in a different light. But once that awareness arises, it’s that much more difficult to ignore it.

It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power. ~ David Brin

The Jupiter/Pluto square has been dogging us since last November with mixed blessings. The most ominous quality of the square is the capacity for this cycle to unearth corruption, and unethical or immoral practices, in government, in positions of authority, and in our own personal lives. Most of all it places us in circumstances in which we are challenged to live up to and according to our own moral and ethical standards. It also becomes evident where and when others are not. Laws are broken. Moral standards are scoffed at. People act as if the end justifies the means, or that positions of power bring greater entitlement. But under Jupiter/Pluto no one is exempt from the law.

Jupiter while in Libra seeks to promote justice, equality and fairness. However, when square Pluto, it feels like you need to fight for it against powerful and extraordinary adversaries. Yet through this process, we are also compelled to get back to our own core beliefs and principles. And in our own personal lives, circumstances arise in which we ask ourselves, what exactly are our own core beliefs and principles? What are you really willing to put yourself on the line for? It’s about being very clear about who you are, what you stand for, and who you aspire to be. This requires great confidence and a strong sense of who we are, and what we believe in, so that even in the face of extraordinary challenges, we will stand for what is just, what is right and what is true.

We are also given the choice to do nothing, by refusing to rock the boat, or not wanting to get involved. But in some cases, this could end up being the worse choice of all. For in the end, the one thing we cannot escape is our own conscience. We have an opportunity here to evolve through this Jupiter/Pluto window, to become a better person, and ultimately to be an example for others to follow and be inspired by. Sometimes that means just doing the right thing. May we all stand by Jupiter this week, and wave the flag for truth, justice and fairness.

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Reply Jen Mulvaney-Hitchens
8:37 AM on July 29, 2017 
Thank you Lauren! So grateful for your insights and how they align with my own personal experiences and feelings. Such a gift to be affirmed! Thank you for your work, your interpretation, and your words. You are a blessing! ?????
Reply Lauren
10:59 AM on July 29, 2017 
Jen Mulvaney-Hitchens says...
Thank you Lauren! So grateful for your insights and how they align with my own personal experiences and feelings. Such a gift to be affirmed! Thank you for your work, your interpretation, and your words. You are a blessing!

Thank you so much Jen! I enjoy writing these weekly missives. And it makes it all that more so when I know that others may benefit from them as well.