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Chiron Stations Retrograde

Posted by Lauren on June 30, 2017 at 12:55 AM

June 30th ~ July 7th

There can never be peace between nations, until there is first known that peace which is within the souls of men. ~ Black Elk

Just when we think we have finally left the Cardinal Square behind, along comes Mars to stir things up yet again. Uranus square Pluto is separating, and for all intents and purposes are going their separate ways. But the energy is still there. Jupiter has been traveling betwixt and between them this year, sometimes opposing Uranus, currently square Pluto. This is what has brought that feeling of riding a roller coaster of unprecedented changes and events. But it is Mars which often acts as a catalyst, that is currently and has been stirring the pot since last week, and will for the next week or two. Mars on its own can be agitating, but when sparring off with the likes of Pluto, as it is this week, and then Uranus, he can be down-right volatile.

By acting as an intermediary, combustible Mars is reactivating the Uranus/Pluto square of reactionary revolution. Uranus/Pluto periods can often feel either like a breakthrough or a breaking point. This is when people throw up their hands and cry out that they are mad as hell, and not going to take it any more. Freedom, civil rights, equality, all come to the foreground in response to events and situations that feel oppressive and overwhelmingly controlling.

Mars has to do with Action. Mars in Cancer acts according to instinct, and may do things without conscious thought or consideration. Cancer is a sign that feels strongly protective and defensive when threatened. When it spars off with Pluto in this way it brings the feeling of having to survive against terrible odds, and in the face of extreme and powerful forces. This may or may not erupt into something. There will be those who will be more sensitive than others to this weather. And others who will barely notice it at all. But it would be wise for us all to be aware of the potential for things to easily escalate, particularly as we approach the Full Moon on July 9th.

Patience is not only a virtue at these times, it is also just sheer wisdom and common sense. Things like accidents can’t always be avoided, but arguments and confrontations can be, often by simply not engaging in them. If people seem difficult at this time, recognize that this is an opportunity and a challenge to sow peace and good will, even in the midst of extraordinary conditions. In the words of Gandhi, may we transmute anger into “a power that can move the world.” May we use the force of Mars/Pluto for the greater good, and may wisdom guide us to do so.

Which brings us to Chiron.

Darkness cannot drive out the darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

Depending on where you live in the world, Chiron stations retrograde on June 30th ~ July 1st. This begins a 5 month period in which the wounded healer unveils to us the complicated story we have woven within. Both Mercury and Venus will be in aspect to Chiron this week, offering us opportunities to heal old wounds imprinted on us, either earlier in our lives, or perhaps lifetimes ago. Chiron can point to specific physical ailments, but in Pisces, also and especially points to any psychic and emotional trauma that remains unresolved.

Chiron, the mythical Centaur, learned the arts of the holistic and natural healing arts from the gods. He was the wisest of the Centaurs, and was sought after for his wisdom and understanding. Rejected by his parents, and suffering with physical pain for much of his life, his own experience with suffering and pain were the very teachers that led to his being such an exceptional Healer. Ultimately he learned that in order for healing to be effective, it was not only about knowing which formulas and herbs to use, but also about investing them with understanding, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness.

Chiron, the astronomical Centaur, is not of this Solar System, but is a visitor from without. Half comet, half asteroid, he was drawn into our System from the Kuiper Belt, and will remain here for an indefinite period of time. Wandering in his erratic orbit between the paths of Saturn and Uranus, he presents himself as something of a Guide from Beyond; a Teacher of extraordinary Wisdom; a Healer who heals with Compassion and Understanding. When Chiron is retrograde we are all beckoned to first have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves, If we can manage that, then we will be the better able to extend and share the same with others. Scientific studies have proven the benefits of support groups in the healing process, and part of that is because everyone in the group is sharing the same wound. They get each other. And they can learn from each other in ways that people who do not share the same challenges can not understand. In this way, instead of being ashamed, we come to honor our wounds and our differences through Chiron.

But Chiron is not just about unveiling our own pain in order to be better and more compassionate healers, caregivers, parents, children, sibling and friends. Chiron also digs deep to show us our hidden skills, pools of knowledge, experience, wisdom and accumulated knowledge that we had taken for granted. We often do not recognize our own gifts and talents for what they are. And often what we perceive to be our weaknesses can prove to be the source of great strength and understanding. Attributes such as compassion, empathy and understanding make our actions more potent, our words more effective, and our lives more meaningful. May we all be led to meet our own inner Chiron, our own inner guides, that inform as well as educate us along the path.

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. ~ Buddha

The above image of "Achilles Educated by the Centaur Chiron" is by Peter Paul Rubens.

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