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The Solstice and the New Moon

Posted by Lauren on June 23, 2017 at 12:05 AM

June 23rd ~ 30th

The truth is: Belonging starts with self-acceptance. Your level of belonging, in fact, can never be greater than your level of self-acceptance, because believing that you are enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic, vulnerable and imperfect. ~ Brene Brown

In the tropical zodiac, the 4 seasonal corners of the year hold great significance. Each of these seasonal markers, such as the Solstice, mark the advent of the solar Cardinal signs. This year the Sun was escorted by Mercury who both entered Cancer in tandem, forming the superior conjunction of Mercury at the powerful 0º point of Cancer. This is similar to a Full Moon phase for Mercury: a time of fruition of thoughts, ideas and decisions. This is a time when we become aware of the consequences and ramifications of decisions we have made in the past, and whether we should proceed as planned, or change course. Five days after the superior conjunction, Mercury will appear once again in the sky as an evening star in the Western horizon.

The Solstice is considered to be one of those mystical, magical, pregnant times of year, when the veil between the worlds is thinned, and the fairies come out to play and whisper their incantations. Magic is strong. Likewise hearts and minds. It is a time of year filled with power and initiation. Cancer is a sign having to do with the foundations of our lives: this things that support our most basic needs: hearth and home, nourishment, caring, community and sharing. Celebrations of home, family, country, festivals, picnics, heritage, culture and roots… all are Cancer themes surrounding home, food and family. The sign Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is also associated with the Sea, with emotions, empathy, sentiment and a sense of belonging. It is the time of year to tend to these essential foundations of our lives.

The New Moon in Cancer arrives late Friday night (early Saturday) and is the last of the three Super New Moons this year. And although it is not visible, its influence is stronger than usual, lifting the tides as well as emotions. It is not just the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Cancer this day, but Mars has been traveling here as well, stirring up the pot and putting people on edge.

Mars in Cancer is the red hot stomach, with strong defensive and protective instincts for home, family, community and country. Mars can bring indomitable strength and courage, the sort that a Mother Bear extends to her young. But it can also be quite sensitive, defensive and reactive, sometimes manifesting as seething resentment and frustration, especially if people feel cornered. It is not for nothing that we have been seeing a spate of violence since Mars entered this sign in early June. Over the next week, both Mercury and Mars in Cancer are going to be moving through some potentially treacherous territory laced with self-righteousness and anger. It requires a little caution.

The best way to navigate the weather this week is very carefully:

-Think before you speak, and ask yourself whether what you are about to say is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary and Kind. There may be instances in which it is best to keep certain things close to the chest, rather than blurting them out, no matter how vindicated and righteous you may feel.

-Breathe. Things could move pretty quickly this week, and it will be easy to make mistakes or jump in without looking first. Take that breath, then look before you leap.

-People who are sensitive to this weather could be quick to anger, be argumentative, defensive, or take things personally. It is best if we don’t take things too personally this week, and choose battles wisely. Most arguments are usually not worth their time and space.

-Issues abut speech, freedom of speech, and whether or not language should or should not be controlled could arise. At these times we are led to consider how we use our own voices to make a difference in the world, while also realizing that not everyone is going to agree with our point of view. Try to avoid being drawn into unwinnable arguments. At these times it is wise to agree to disagree and move on.

-What this weather is good for is running, and hiking, and adventures in nature; strength training, marathons and challenges that test endurance and strength. Just be mindful, for this weather is also conducive to muscle strains and injuries if you overdo it.

Nonetheless, New Moons are times of initiation and New Beginnings. A time to set intentions, and commit to new endeavors. To see how this New Moon works best for each of the signs, check out the horoscopes below. If you wish to set intentions with this Moon, the best time to do so would be after the New Moon (Friday thru Saturday," target="_blank">depending on where you are on the globe) and up until the Crescent Moon (Monday night thru Tuesday). Here are some affirmations that the Cancer Moon is good for:

  • If you want to buy or sell a house or property: Set the intention to find the best buyer (or seller) for your home or property at the best price possible.
  • Nesting: May I create a sanctuary of peace and security within my home.
  • Family: May I find more time to reacquaint myself with family, family members, my roots, heredity and/or homeland… I want to reacquaint myself with family and/or traditions.
  • I want to see myself caring for and being surrounded by supportive and loving people.
  • I want to better appreciate the patterns and events in my life that have led me to where I am now.
  • I want to make more time to nurture my imagination and capacity to wonder.

The above image of a “Water Baby” is from the painting by Herbert James Draper (1863)


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