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Shifting Tides

Posted by Lauren on June 1, 2017 at 3:05 PM

June 2nd ~ 9th

Each of us is born with a box of matches inside us but we can’t strike them all by ourselves. ~ Laura Esquivel Like Water for Chocolate

This coming week 3 of the inner planets are going to be shifting signs: Mars moves from Gemini to Cancer; Venus from Aries to Taurus; and Mercury from Taurus to Gemini. At the first quarter waxing Moon, and a brilliant trine between the Sun and Jupiter a sense of anticipation is being seeded, setting the stage for Jupiter’s direct station on June 9th. The inner planets are important to our daily lives, for they impact us on a personal level: our energy, our motivation, our desires, what we want, and what everyone is going to be talking about. This week will be particularly invested with a passionate sextile between Venus and Mars, the planets of love and desire.

On Sunday, Mars moves into the sign of Cancer. We will want to ask ourselves: What is Mars in Cancer motivated by? What spurs us to action when Mars dives into the emotional dark well of Cancer? Mars in Cancer is the defender of the hearth and home; the fierce mama bear protector; like the mother who lifts the car to save her child, Mars in Cancer dives in where needed most, invested with supernatural strength. However, there is also an element of vulnerability with Cancer that Mars feels wary of. Therefore you will also see an emphasis on safety, shoring up the defenses, circling the wagons and battening down the hatches over the next few months. This defensive posture will become most apparent towards the end of June and early July when Mars opposes Pluto and then squares Uranus. But for now may Cancer’s sweet empathy and emotional intelligence guide us in our actions.

Then, Monday ~ Tuesday, Mercury and Venus head home to their native signs: Mercury into its own sign of Gemini and Venus to Taurus. Planets are more pure, and said to be strong in their own signs. This should also bring strength to those things ruled by Mercury and Venus. Conversations, road trips, taking a class, learning a new skill, going on walkabouts, being more social and involved in the community are all hallmarks of Mercury. Gemini is a particularly curious sign. Allow that curiosity to guide you. A certain restlessness compels us to want to engage the world, explore our environs, and learn something new. People will be talkative and engaged with one another over the next two weeks. The one thing we may need to watch is a tendency towards information overload, and over-stimulation. But if we use these next few weeks well, there is so much that can be learned and shared with one and all.

I hunger for your sleek laugh and your hands the color of a furious harvest. I want to eat the sunbeams flaring in your beauty. ~ Pablo Neruda

When Venus comes home to her own sign of Taurus, she brings strength to our relationships, and a certain restrained wisdom to finances and investments. We are more inclined to think in terms of commitment, stability and sustainability. Therefore Venus in Taurus brings a good sense for business. Venus has domain over love, attraction, and those things and people that bring us pleasure and security. Taurus has a particularly sensual side, leaning even more heavily in that direction this coming week because of the sextile with Mars. Both Taurus and Cancer are lunar signs, that seek safety and security, not only in their environment through community, family and tribe; but in their hearts as well, bringing a strong desire for love, bonding and deep meaningful connections in all its layers and meanings. When Venus meets Mars in this way the pheromones spark, the passions are ignited and our hearts yearn to dance.

But perhaps the most anticipated astrological event is the upcoming Jupiter station on June 9th. Jupiter stations are always accompanied by a trine from the Sun, and this week is no exception, as the Sun in Gemini trines Jupiter in Libra in preparation for Jupiter’s direct station. To make this station even more powerful, there will be a Full Moon in Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius on the 9th as well! Powerful Sagittarius/Jupiter energy is emerging here over the week. When Jupiter stations direct there is this general feeling of anticipation, and a desire to fulfill our vision for the future. However we must be vigilant and aware of any tendency towards delusion or self-deception with this particular station, as the Sun will also be square Neptune this week.

It is imperative for all to be honest and forthright in this astro weather, as any attempts to deceive will only backfire or muddy the waters even more than they already are. Be aware that lies and deceptions are likely to be revealed through the upcoming Full Moon. That includes fake news! Some questions to ask ourselves this week: How have you been led astray, either by living in denial, or refusing to face reality about a situation? It may be that you have been deliberately deceived, manipulated or undermined, but it is more important to look at the ways that we are complicit in that deception. Sometimes it is easier to live with a comfortable lie, than it is with an uncomfortable truth. If you are plagued by uncertainty, it might be wise to wait until well after the Sun/Neptune square, which is exact on Sunday, before making any major decisions.

Despite this, the Jupiter station will prevail, bringing optimism, humor and hope to bear witness on our vision for the future. May we all find our wishes fulfilled in only the best ways possible.

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