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A Super New Moon

Posted by Lauren on May 25, 2017 at 1:45 PM

May 26th ~ June 2nd

The mind is luminous, but is polluted by the toxins that are dumped into it. ~ the Anguttara Nikaya sutra

Thursday we had the New Moon in Gemini. And although it did not make any major aspects this was a powerful Super Moon only hours away from its closest point to earth in its orbit. Even if we were unable to see this Moon, its influence on the tides of men and oceans should have been notable.

Where the last Taurus Moon had much to do with receiving information through the senses, Gemini is about how we process all of that information. And as discussed last week, it is also about the impressions all that information makes on our minds. So in Gemini season, it is important to pay attention to what we fill our mind and our senses with: Is it positive? Is it useful? Is it informative? Does it bring the desired results? This is a Super Moon, meaning that it is perigee, or close to the Earth at the time of the New Moon, making it all that much more powerful.

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, is still in Taurus until June 6th, a sign that seeks peace and tranquility. In a way, we are being inspired by Mercury to take care of our minds, by trying to turn down some of the noise and chatter for a bit. What would it mean to have a peaceful mind. What would that look like? And if you were to plant mental seeds, what would you like to see grow there? The New Moon phase continues through Sunday the 28th, so it is still a good time to sow positive mental intentions over the next few days. Gemini is also a curious sign, a sign that desires to know, to be informed, to learn. So as part of your arsenal, think about what you would like to learn more about. And if you were to take a class, or study something new, what would that be?

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of this Moon is “A revolutionary magazine asking for action”, but perhaps the most remarkable and revolutionary changes we can make are in our own minds. The rest follows. We are receiving information all the time. It is up to us to discriminate and be aware of what things are worth our time and energy, and which are not.

In addition to the newly waxing Moon, there are two important transits to keep an eye on over the coming week. One we have already been witnessing, the Mars/Saturn opposition, which is exact Sunday-Monday. This combined with Thursday's Venus-Pluto square is a signature for angst and frustration. The other aspect to watch is just beginning, and that is when Venus leaves Pluto’s lair and emerges out and into the vibrant electric field of Uranus late next week.

Traditionally, Mars and Saturn are considered the ‘malefic’ planets of our solar system. They have a terrible reputation. Even worse when they are locking horns as they are now. Mars is being particularly reckless and uncontrollable lately, and will be for most of June. Saturn is relentless in its attempts to rein Mars in. Together this is a signature for seething resentment, anger and even violence, especially if people are on their last nerve. When faced with obstacles or limits at this time, the inclination is to want to force things, whereas the advice is to either wait it out, or withdraw and create a strategic plan of action.

Mars can also act as a catalyst for the innovative and evolutionary prevailing Saturn/Uranus trine. Uranus says, if you can’t plow through with a show of force, why not go around it? Or, by joining forces with others who share a common destiny and ideal, create a vehicle to reach beyond our current limitations, inspiring us to make improvements in our own lives, as well as in society as a whole.

As Venus untangles herself from the clinging tentacles of Pluto, there could be some radical shifts in alliances this week. If things are feeling a little seedy, manipulative or inappropriate, there will be a great desire to free oneself from certain situations or alliances. We may even see some rats fleeing the ship. Venus currently is in Aries, a sign that asks, “Hey, what about me?” And will not allow herself to be dragged down by unsavory influences or associations. Not at this time. Certainly not while she is being drawn into the electromagnetic and unpredictable field of Uranus. Anything can happen, and anything goes when Venus meets Uranus. And as the Mars/Saturn opposition wanes after Monday, and Venus/Uranus increases, we are being asked to stretch beyond our comfort zones and consider new and better possibilities. Some possibilities for this impending conjunction could be:

  • People who share similar ideals beckon; see if you can find those people who resonate with you
  • If you’ve been wanting to revisit or revive a hobby or skill; this is a good week to do so
  • Look for small ways to bring your heart more in alignment with your ideals in your daily life and especially in your relationships with others

Finally, Saturn and Uranus are gradually forming a Grand Trine with the North Node of the Moon over the next few weeks. So hopefully Mars and Venus can both act as something of a catalyst for this evolutionary Grand Trine. We are all being asked to take responsibility for the betterment of our own lives, the improvement of our communities, and the betterment of humanity as a whole. If there is a particular cause that resonates with you, this is an ideal time to make whatever adjustments or changes you can in order to make your ideals a closer reality. A stronger sense of responsibility prevails over the next month. And we are all being asked to step up to the plate. Not just for oneself, but for the greater good. The advances we make this year, can have an impact on society for years to come.

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