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Horoscopes: May 26th thru June 2nd

Posted by Lauren on May 25, 2017 at 1:35 PM

For the week of May 26th thru June 2nd, be sure to read your Rising sign as well:


With your ruler, Mars, besieged by Saturn this week, it could have a number of effects. All frustrating. It could merely manifest as exhaustion and generalized fatigue. Or it could feel as if all of your efforts go for naught, leaving you a mere dishrag in the process. But one thing to keep in mind with this harrowing aspect, is that no matter what the challenges, no matter how bleak things may seem right now, it is not time to give up. You may need to go around another way of doing things, if the way is blocked before you. But it’s nothing that you cannot handle. Once you see the way opening up before you once again, those vast reserves of Aries energy will kick in once again.


Things can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be worked out. Pay attention to whether things really are as they seem, or whether you are embellishing them with your own fears or apprehension. Sometimes you need to go deeply into a situation in order to discover the truth. If a certain situation or obligation proves to be somewhat oppressive, be assured that release is just around the corner. You could find yourself escaping into the vast vistas of your own imagination these days. There is no blame in this, and there’s no telling who or what you might uncover there. Be open to the possibilities within your own mind.


If you haven’t already done so, the New Moon on Thursday was your Moon to set intentions for the year ahead. The Moon is still rich with possibility as it waxes over the days ahead. A possible intention might be, “May I fill my mind and my environment with positive and inspiring influences.” And then seek to make that a closer reality. If you find that you cannot get around certain obstacles this week, realize that there just might be an alternate route. It may not be evident at first. And sometimes it may be necessary to form alliances with others, in order to overcome a particularly formidable challenge. But it can be done. If not now, then perhaps in the foreseeable future.


Desires and hopes for the future can be quite compelling. Especially in light of the fact that it should also become more apparent as to what you really want and what you don’t. Make a deeper commitment to those things that are working for you, what brings you a sense of accomplishment. And then release those things that are preventing you from growing and expanding your vision for the future. There may be some insights in this regard arising over the week ahead, that could be quite illuminating. Even little changes could open up whole new avenues of possibility.


In some way you may be wanting to make a deeper commitment to a skill, hobby or craft that once brought you so much joy. How can you reinvest, or renew what was once so important to you, in a new and better way? Be open to creative possibility. Sometimes all it takes is to look at something from another perspective or in a new light. There is also something to be said for time and experience that invests what we do with a greater level of sophistication and knowing. Your world is going to be opening up over the next few weeks. You might even be getting a few inklings already of what that is going to be.


If you wish to cultivate a more peaceful, more serene mind, what would that look like for you? What are the elements that you would like to fill it with? Who are the people, the sights and the sounds, that you wish to be immersed in? Even in the midst of any frustrating situations, no matter what is going on around you in the outer world, no matter how frustrating things may be looking externally, no matter where those chips are going to fall, you get to pick and choose what and who you want to reside within your own mind.


Relationships can be complicated, especially when you are bound by familiarity and convention. There is no getting around certain obligations. However, no one said that you cannot fulfill your obligations in your own way, in your own time. Dare to go off the beaten path this week. Meet new people, do your own thing. There’s no telling where that will bring you and what sorts of inspiring alternatives could arise. One thing that may become evident, is that you don’t always have to do things the way that you have in the past. Something exciting, or an unexpected surprised shared with others, could prove to be illuminating.


If you are feeling blocked, or as if one obstacle after another arises, sometimes it is wise to withdraw instead of trying to force a situation. Doing so will only make the obstacle more resistant. Withdrawal does not mean defeat however. It is merely a strategy to rebuild your stamina, and gather the forces and resources necessary in order to proceed when the obstacle falls away. And it will. Sometimes it may be necessary to look for a way around the obstacle. One that may not be obvious at first. If the path is blocked. Look for another! Sometimes success can be achieved by doing things differently than you have in the past.


Realize that some people are going through a difficult time, and are requiring a deal more patience than usual. This does not mean that their behavior should be excused if it is inappropriate, but retaliating or reacting to their behavior in kind will only throw fuel on the fire. Sometimes, however, a common cause can unite even the most unruly of allies. Look for ways to reach a commonality of perception. If worse comes to worse, just wait it out. As the week progresses an unexpected surprise shared with a loved one could be a cause for celebration. Be willing to try and do something new. It could open up your eyes.


It’s time to take inventory, and look at those things that are working, and those that are not, and objectively see what you can do about it. Realize that nothing can be achieved by force in this sort of weather, no matter how persistent you may be. Especially if it leads to some sort of injury in the process! However, there probably are certain things you can do within your current limitations, that will allow you to make progress. Perhaps what you really need is a good plan of action. That might mean having to mobilize the forces, and getting everyone else on board as well.


If you are feeling challenged, or that your authority is being questioned, self-doubt could arise, making you question yourself and others. If you find yourself having difficulties with certain individuals, see if you can step back, and refrain from passing judgment. Others may be totally misguided, but sometimes people just need to stumble about and find their own way on their own. There could also be some good news this week, something that could be somewhat surprising! Dare to go off the beaten track, do some exploring, there is no telling where or what it will bring you: a new friend, a new idea, a new glowing perspective.


Moving into the weekend could bring some elements of frustration, particularly if you feel that what you are doing and where you are going is limiting and/or demanding. This may not necessarily be the best time to make changes however. And there is an almost existential feeling of acceptance of one’s responsibilities and obligations as being a means to an end. However, what cannot be taken from you is your own imagination, your own dreams and hopes, your own mind. You choose what sorts of thoughts and images you want to people your mind with. And no one and nothing can compete with the limitless vistas of your own imagination.

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