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Posted by Lauren on May 4, 2017 at 6:55 PM

May 5th ~ 12th


To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Approximately every 18-19 months, there is a gradual shift in the Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes are the points where the orbits of the Sun and the Moon intersect, indicating the general area where the Eclipses are going to occur. These points move backwards through the signs. And this coming week, that point is shifting from the Virgo/Pisces axis back into the Leo/Aquarius axis, bringing us to a new field of experience, reward, challenge and consequence. These are likely to come to a culmination with our next set of eclipses this Summer, with the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse, and the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

The South Node indicates our current weak spot, and where the trending tides have compromised our development and evolution; the North Node holds the key to our resurrection and growth. Some issues that might stand out over the next 18 months are:


Losing the personal to the impersonal: In this age of the social media and smart phones we have substituted FaceTime for actual face to face time. In a world that becomes less personal as technology expands, forming close interpersonal relationships will reap its consequences. It takes time and work to build a level of trust and intimacy, something that is sorely lacking through a computer monitor.


The specter of a faceless bureaucracy: Where people are devalued to numbers and percentages, individuals don’t matter. When the North Node is in Leo it will be the artists, the individuals, those who are passionately following their hearts, who will lead and set the example. Just the right sort of person, a person of integrity, can set the example for and make an impact on the collective at these times. But in the mean time it may often feel like it’s the bottom line, not people, that are the priority.


Populism and political extremism: It is essential for the next 18 months to be vigilant lest we be drawn along by a trending tide of populism or extreme views. At its basest South Node in Aquarius stoops to anarchy and iconoclasts seeking to undermine sacred seats of power. This could include the fall of powerful leaders (Kings) or central governing parties.


Decentralization (or, the government has no right to tell us how to run our lives!): Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is the center of our solar system, and so represents the concept of a more centralized government or ruling body, and the value of strong leadership (Leo rules Kings and Monarchs). What will become evident over the next year and a half, are the consequences of decentralization, and ramifications of weak leadership. Without the Sun, the planets in our solar system would simply spin out of control, and devolve into chaos.


Whatever issues do arise in connection to these Nodes, over the next several months they are going to come to a point of crisis by August, when the eclipses are upon us. We will be given a number of opportunities to rectify issues as they arise, though, as we are moving along, but it will be up to us to take advantage of those opportunities.


In the meanwhile, we are moving toward a Full Moon in Scorpio next week. This year, the Scorpio Full Moon is not only in Pluto’s sign, but will be sextile transiting Pluto as well. Pluto only just stationed the end of April, and has been digging deeply into the established structures of our lives, showing us what needs work and healing. The process can often be painful, or hard to look at, as it is with Pluto, but it can also be healing and transformative. This can be due to truths being revealed, and ultimately achieving understanding. It can often feel, when Pluto comes to call, that our lives will never be quite the same again.


Full Moons are times when our emotions are on the surface, and put on full display. Scorpio is a sign of deep penetrating intensity and many hidden layers. Because the aspect to Pluto is a soft one, this may actually be a good time to get to the bottom of a problem, or to do some necessary research. There is also a good deal of magic in this Moon, which if harnessed can bring remarkable results. Scorpio is about uncovering those things that have been hidden or buried beneath the surface, and are just waiting to be disclosed. And that could be almost anything!


Scorpio is about birth, death and rebirth, and through the light of this transformational and deeply magical Moon, you might want to ask yourself what needs to end or released in order for you to be reborn, reinvented, and renewed. Scorpio/Pluto is also about power, and using our own power, in order to take greater control over our lives, and our destiny. And like the proverbial Scorpio symbol of the phoenix rising out of the ashes, feel rejuvenated and re-empowered once again.


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