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The US Election and the Art of Delusion

Posted by Lauren on November 4, 2016 at 12:35 AM

November 4th ~ 11th


Selfishness is essentially conservative, and hates being disturbed. It prefers an easy-going, unexacting lie, to the greatest truth, if the latter requires the sacrifice of one’s smallest comfort. ~ H. P. Blavatsky


Neptune conjunct the South Node


The North Node in Virgo, has been asking us to not accept things based on appearances alone, or because we want to believe something to be true, because it agrees with our own world view. We are being asked to check the facts, to investigate, to pay attention, to sift through the pretense, the veils of illusion, the glamorous advertisements. Ask yourself whether what you see or hear is valid, if it is useful, if it serves a purpose, does it really make sense? With North Node in Virgo we are being asked to show proofs with logic, and to see clearly the reality of things, or otherwise suffer the consequences of being in denial. But as we sift through these cascading veils of illusion, people will be going to the voting booths next Tuesday in the United States, and one may wonder with trepidation, how people are going to be basing their decisions. We’ve already seen the results with Brexit in Great Britain. Will the US suffer the same sort of voter remorse?


For the past several months Neptune has been traveling with the South Node of the Moon in the sign of Pisces. Neptune is close to the South Node as we move into the upcoming week. The Nodes of the Moon are points along the ecliptic, where the orbits of the Sun and Moon intersect. The Moon is where we carry our feelings about things, our traditions, our mores, our habits. The Nodes go even deeper into the fabric of society, carrying the imprints of all of our actions, just waiting for the appropriate causes and conditions to arise that will allow them to come to fruition.


Neptune and Pisces have to do with illusion, with glamour, with hypnotism, mesmerism and pretense; and with the ways that we delude ourselves into believing something exists in a certain way, or is a certain way, despite proofs to the contrary. With Neptune/South Node we are being asked to question how we base so much of our beliefs and decisions on false assumptions and outward appearances. And even more so, how we base our beliefs and assumptions according to what we want to see and believe, rather than the way things actually are. Neptune has to do with glamour and illusion, with smoke and mirrors, innuendo and fantasy.The Art of Delusion.


The U.S. Election


One of the candidates has a decided astrological advantage. She has a powerful natal Mars/Saturn/Pluto stellium, that in and of itself, is a force to be reckoned with. Without a time of birth, it is difficult to tell exactly where everything falls in her chart, and consequently make accurate predictions, but it certainly does seem to be that Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter are currently colluding to reinforce the strength of that formidable stellium, buoying it over any trials, challenges or tribulations. And there will be challenges. By contrast the other candidate is going to be facing some hard truths as Saturn and Chiron are going to be presenting some serious challenges and obstacles over the next several months (and the year ahead) that would be quite difficult to overcome. Nonetheless, with the prevailing Neptunian fog presiding over one and all, blinding our inner and outer senses, nothing, absolutely nothing, can be taken for granted.


There are a few interesting developments that factor in over the next few weeks. Mars, our gregarious warrior, is moving into rebellious and revolutionary Aquarius on Wednesday, just one day after the election. It tangles briefly with Saturnian authorities, but eventually falls into line with Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter in December. The hopeful Mme. President to be, is going to be feeling that Martian shift strongly in late November and early December. In the mean time, are we going to see some contrarian acts of rebellion afoot? Saturn has to do with rules, laws and keeping the order. So this probably won’t be able to build up as much steam as intended. The other development, is that Jupiter is moving into alignment with Saturn, while squaring up against Pluto the plutocrat. One aspect suggests a more positive trend, the other more disturbing.


When Jupiter conflicts with Pluto in this way one worries about the unethical and unequal use of power, entitlement and wealth. We will see how this is going to take hold over the next several weeks, but there are a few things to keep in mind: Motivation is everything at this time. If your motives are pure and for the sake of the greater good, then you can make great strides at this time to overcome even the most powerful of adversaries and forces; however if you are motivated by greed or power, then you may be temporarily successful, but are inevitably due for a fall in the end. There is much more to be said on this over the weeks ahead. But perhaps the best advice for us all, is to keep our perspective, ground ourselves in common sense, see through the veils of delusion, and remember always, to follow your conscience.

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