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Mercury/Jupiter: Baucis and Philemon

Posted by Lauren on December 14, 2012 at 11:25 PM

December 14th ~ 21st


On the heels of the illuminating Sagittarius New Moon and Uranus station direct yesterday, we are now approaching the Solstice on December 21st, replete with its attending prophecies.  And as the week progresses, Jupiter moves into position to create the planetary picture astrologers refer to as a Yod, also known as the Finger of God.  In this picture, where Jupiter situates itself opposite the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, which are sextile to one another, the power of the Saturn/Pluto sextile is channeled through Jupiter.  Jupiter at the point of the Yod becomes intensified, and can even be associated with what appear to be miraculous, if not intensely karmic events.  Yet, despite the apocalyptic portents, this is not the picture of a dramatic cataclysm or demise, but rather an opportunity for revelation and enlightenment.


This Yod is further set up this week, by being triggered first by Mercury, and then by Venus at the Solstice, opposing Jupiter.  Mercury and Jupiter are even more strongly tied this week, by traveling in each other’s signs, a relationship referred to as being in mutual reception.   There is a beautiful allegory told by Ovid about these two, that goes:


The power of heaven is great and has no bounds; Whatever the gods determine is fulfilled.  I give you proof.  Among the Phrygian hills An oak tree and linden grow side by side, Girt by a little wall.  I saw the place... Metamorphoses by Ovid


Jupiter and Mercury, the gods of the higher and lower rational minds, roamed the land, disguised as mortals, searching for a place to rest.  Yet every home they approached, the doors remained shut to the disguised deities.  That is, until they came to the door of an elderly couple, Philemon and Baucis.  Without knowing whether the strangers were gods or ordinary men, the old couple welcomed them into their home, prepared them a simple meal of foods grown in their garden, which they served with joy and compassion.  As they served the strangers, the couple noticed that the wine bowl kept on refilling itself, which led them to realize that there was something both mysterious and magical happening.


The gods then revealed themselves to the couple. Jupiter and Mercury explained to them that due to their kindness and generosity, they alone of their village would be spared.  The gods instructed them to leave their cottage, and come away with them to a neighboring hill.  Baucis and Philemon left the village, and climbing the hill, turned to see their small cottage overwhelmed by a great flood that swept everything away in its path... but even as they stood there, still mourning the loss of their cottage, it was miraculously replaced by a beautiful gold temple.  Jupiter then asked the couple to make a wish, upon which they requested to be the guardians of the temple.  And then when the time would arrive for them to pass from this earth, they also asked that they be able to depart on the same day, in the same hour, so that neither would ever have to live without the other.  


And so, after tending the temple for the remaining years of their lives, Philemon and Baucis on the very same day, at the very same hour of their demise, were transformed into two beautiful trees, their branches entwined in a loving embrace.  


Walking down the street at night, when you’re all alone, you can still hear, stirring in the intermingled branches of the trees above, the ardent prayer of Baucis and Philemon.  They whisper: Let me die the moment my love dies. ~ Mary Zimmerman, Metamorphoses


When Jupiter is retrograde, as it is now, it travels through the sign(s) opposite that of the Sun.  Due to its proximity to the Sun, Mercury is opposing Jupiter when the great planet is retrograde as well.  As it is now.  It also happens to be when Jupiter is at its closest point to the Earth (this is when the Earth slips in between the Sun and Jupiter).  And due to the orbit of Jupiter, which is more like an oval than a circle, there are times when it is closer to the Earth than usual.  This is one of those years, increasing this planet’s strength and influence on our planet. 


And when Jupiter is retrograde and strengthened by the impending Yod, as it is now, the focus is more on Jupiter’s more sublime aspects which govern spiritual matters, the inner light, wisdom, higher consciousness, mind expansion, justice, wisdom, knowledge, learning, generosity, ethics and morality.  The emphasis is on developing these inner core qualities of Jupiter within ourselves, and without judgment of others, and their actions.  The less enlightened aspects of Jupiter retrograde in Gemini may be exhibited as: judging others, gossip, tabloid stories, tall tales, false prophets, exaggeration, superficiality, arrogance, greed, extravagance and the lack of boundaries.  


Through the auspices of Saturn/Pluto which are rebuilding and creating new foundations and structures, they are channeling their energy through Mercury and Jupiter this week to promote enlightened realizations and wisdom... even if these are things we don’t necessarily want to see, or don’t see, because we were looking elsewhere, or don’t believe.  The allegory of Baucis and Philemon is actually a metaphor for enlightenment.  Even the less enlightened will be elevated at such times, despite themselves.  The more open we are to truth, and embracing truth, the more we will benefit.  The more fearful, cynical and self-protective we are, the less open to the benefits of Jupiter.  Therefore, commit to your own spiritual journey, and pursue truth, justice and knowledge on the path of your own making, and Treat everyone well, because you never know when you will find yourself in the presence of gods.  


The above image of the painting, "Jupiter and Mercurius in the house of Philemon and Baucis" is by Peter Paul Rubens


 For the week of December 14th thru December 21st, be sure to read your rising sign as well:



With Uranus now direct, there’s no holding you back.  All that creative energy that you’ve been internalizing for the past 5 months, is now unfolding and just waiting to be implemented.  And you’ve got the ambition and energy to do it!  You’ve got this one totally under control, and you know what you’re going to do with it.  This is almost always an optimistic time of the year for Aries any way, when you are looking forward to the future, inspired, and on top of your game.  This is a week to say yes, experiment a little, and be open to new experiences.  Greet the world with an open heart, and it will respond in kind.



Security and safety are so important to Taurus, and with Jupiter as the focal point in Gemini this week, things may be turning out better than you had anticipated in that department this week. The key to this picture is recognizing the value of opening your heart, and the wonderful feeling that sharing and reciprocity brings.  It’s nothing less that awakening your heart.  Whether it’s a gift, some good news, or just feeling appreciative and grateful for the fortune that you do have, it can serve as a way of opening you up to the more sublime meaning of abundance and prosperity.



This is often a social time of year for Gemini, and this week is certainly no exception.  Especially as Uranus has turned direct, and it feels as if so many possibilities are unfolding.  Inspiration will come through your conversations, interactions, social engagements with others, that will both open your mind as well as your heart.  Yes, it is a week of busyness, but in a good way.  Sometimes it is good to step off your usual path, or look at life from another perspective in order to open up all of those creative channels.  It’s kind of like opening a door and stepping through.  Or waking up with anticipation for the new day.  Feel the joy.



Through dreams can come revelations as well.  In the Book of Job we are told: “For God speaketh once, yea twice... In a dream, in a vision of the night...”  Dreams are said to be like messages that we send to ourselves, just waiting to be read.  And as Uranus is now direct again, Cancer has the opportunity to implement some of those creative ideas that have been simmering on the back burner for the past 5 months.  This may involve some new health plan or initiative.  And there is certainly enough inspiration to do so this week.  Follow your muse.  The rest will unfold as the week progresses.  



Inspiration comes in so many guises this week.  And this could be one of those wonderful weeks in which you will be able to fulfill some of your cherished hopes and wishes.  Look to see how benefits or positive input can come through friends and associations.  Remember, any and all of these friends and associates, could certainly be gods in disguise.  It’s time to start thinking about broadening your horizons, and opening your mind to alternative paths, which are well worth exploring, and which will not only open your world to more creative possibilities, but will open your mind as well.



This wonderful relationship between Mercury and Jupiter this week, has the capacity to open up both your heart and your mind.  At times it may feel like you are being overwhelmed with too much information, so there is a tendency to only pick and choose what you want to see and hear.  But in order to make the most of these wonderful aspects it almost requires a willingness to open yourself up to possibility, to other (perhaps somewhat different) viewpoints, without judgment.  The world is trying to tell you something, but if you assume that you already know what it is telling you, then you might miss some very crucial and pertinent information.  



Your miracles, and joy are going to be arriving in the arena of nothing less than Divine Inspiration.  How glorious is that?  This is also the area of the chart for Libra that has to do with studying, teaching, and revealing your life path.  It also has to do with journeys over the holidays that bring joy, love and celebration.  Your ruler, Venus, is also entering Sagittarius on the 15th, drawing you into a more ideal, celebratory, and perhaps even profound environment.  Do avoid over-indulging at those holiday parties over the weekend, which are not only a distraction, but will leave you with a nasty hangover.  Instead, allow yourself to be drawn to a more sublimely distracted state, that will bring no harm to your general constitution... by Monday, you’ll begin to feel the excitement growing, which literally takes you places you’ve never been.  Say yes, to possibility.  



There is a relationship for Scorpio this week between your sign of Scorpio (your self, your identity) and Capricorn (your environment, neighborhood, messages, conversations, meetings), something productive that you would like to see structured, rebuilt, healed or ‘fixed’ in some way, so that you are not so overwhelmed (physically and mentally) by all of your responsibilities and busy schedule. Deep healing and positive solutions arise through some sort of information, knowledge, realization that can literally transform your life.  In a good way.



One of the keys for making the most of this planetary picture, is number one: being open to it; and number two: not paying attention to what other people are saying you ‘ought’ to do.  Often the tendency with Jupiter Retrograde in Gemini is that people look at everyone else and fret about what they are doing in their back yards, instead of tending to their own gardens. You know what you need to do to grow, evolve and be the best person you can possibly be, not for the sake of anyone else, or to please anyone else, but for your own sake.  Jupiter is the ruler of your sign of Sagittarius, and as it moves into position on the day of the Solstice, in the opposite sign of Gemini, it seems that you are being drawn along with it into a new world of illumination, realizations, and hope for a better future, filled with possibility.  Excellent.



There is a relationship for Capricorn this week between your sign of Capricorn (your self, your identity) and Scorpio (looking towards the future, networking, friends and associations), perhaps a commitment, or investment in your future, that you would like to see established, structured, in some sort of productive manner, so you can get a better idea of where you are going from here.  So that you can have some kind of working plan to achieve your goals.  Some sort of information, knowledge, revelation shared by a co-worker, healer or friend will help to shed some light on how this may just be possible, opening up the door to inspiration.



With Uranus Direct, it’s almost like you are unfolding, evolving and being reborn before our very eyes.  All of that creative energy that has been simmering on the back burner is now coming out of its nascent state, just ready to take on the world.  And this week is just that week filled with inspiration, possibility and maybe even seeing a few cherished dreams become a closer reality.  It’s like (dare we say?) Aquarius unleashed.  Think freedom, think invention, think brilliant ideas, coupled with innovation.  Surround yourself with fellow progressive thinkers and the sky’s the limit this week.  Go forth, Aquarius, and do your thing.



Even though there is a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed in the world, and a lot of healing that needs to take place... the first step comes with the realization that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.  It’s not a god outside of ourselves, in a hill, or a tree, or in a church some where, it is within, in the confines of our homes, our families, our hearts, our minds, and in the deep recesses of our natural history and traditions. There is not only much healing to be found there, but also a few revelations as well. 


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