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Wagons Circling ~ Uranus square Pluto

Posted by Lauren on August 10, 2012 at 9:10 AM

August 10th ~ August 17th

This week we are visited by some of that astro weather, in which many people are coming to realize that what they had been putting up with until now, is no longer tolerable.  That is because it surrounds the Uranus/Pluto square which continues through the Summer and into the Fall.  This aspect is a societal indicator of the necessity for unified change.  Through a series of events, we are coming to see that things are not what we had previously assumed.  That there are underlying chinks in the fabric and infrastructure of our society... and that these need to be adjusted, repaired or rebuilt from the ground up.  To try to sweep problems under the rug, or pretend that they do not exist, will only make the problem worse than it already is.


Uranus is traveling in Aries, the sign of Mars.  And Pluto is currently in Capricorn, the sign of Saturn.  This week Mars and Saturn will conjoin in Libra, the sign of Venus, while Venus creates a t-square from Cancer, with... Uranus and Pluto.  Sounds complicated?  What this means is that Uranus and Pluto are coming to call in our everyday lives, in our own backyards, through the auspices of Venus, Mars and Saturn.  It is no longer just society’s problem.  It is our problem too.


At the same time, the Sun in its own sign of Leo, will create a picture, also with Uranus and Pluto, called Thor’s Hammer.  With just Mars and Saturn alone, we are being made aware on the one hand, of where aggression and anger have been given too much leeway, perhaps resulting in uncontrolled violence.  On the other hand, we are being shown how suppression and oppression take away people’s rights.  Due to the lack of gun control in the US, as well as the escalation of hate groups, and the ubquitous gangs in the inner cities...  what we are experiencing is aggression and violence, that really does need to be curtailed.   Across the globe we have voter suppression, oppressive circumstances, people, regimes that are unjustly preventing people from exercising their rights.  In the US this creates a strange dichotomy.  For instance, where does the right to bear arms end, and the right of citizens not to have to fear being shot, begin?  Where one side feels their rights to bear arms are being threatened, the other side feels that their right to life and safety is being threatened due to easy access to weapons that kill people.


Thor’s Hammer will expose states of oppression that we have been putting up with, and may not even be consciously aware that we are putting up with... until they become so painful that they can no longer be ignored.  They have been existing as a state of underlying angst or discomfort, which we chose to deal with either out of fear, or simply because we became accustomed to them.  Or, we have been led to believe that it’s easier to live with a familiar lie, (for instance that our 'gun rights' are more important than another person's life), than it is with an uncomfortable truth.  That is, until Thor’s Hammer comes to call.  


“We need tried and true soldiers,” said Hazel Dukes, the N.Y. Conference President of the NACCP. “We don’t need a whole lot of talk. We need you to take your corner.”


In Harlem, last week in New York City, a group of citizens came together, saying they were “Mad as Hell, and they weren’t going to take it any more.”  They were referring to a recent wave of gun violence and intimidation by gangs in their neighborhood and within the public housing buildings.  Elders were too afraid to go out.  Children were getting shot playing in the playgrounds, as they were being caught in the cross fire of rival gangs that have virtually taken over.  The citizens decided to create a neighborhood watch group that will occupy designated street corners in the middle of the night, to send people up to no good on their way, talk with neighbors, and show the gang members that they were taking back the streets.  This is Thor’s Hammer in action.  


This week is also about Venus in Cancer, where people are seeking to protect their own, to defend their families, their businesses, their culture and their people from potential harm, as Venus comes up against what feel like anarchists, rebels and criminals, who thoughtlessly loot, pillage and steal, rending the coffers empty.  It reminds me of water buffalo.  When attacked by predators, the buffalo create a protective defensive circle, with the young and the weakest at the center, while the strong bulls stand at the perimeter with their long horns lowered.  


All of these converge on the 15th of August, and point back to where the chinks are.  Those weaknesses in the fabric of our society, in our infrastructure.. in what we had previously been led to believe were stable and secure.  Platitudes will not suffice this week.  The wagons are circling.


For the week of August 10th thru August 17th, be sure to read your rising sign as well:



That ouch feeling could be literal or figurative.  It’s as if all of that angst, and tension in the world is being channeled into your very being this week.  Respect your limits, as well as others, and don’t push beyond them, or you will regret it.  Which is kind of hard to tell an Aries to do.  They just keep on going, no matter what obstacles stand in their way.  And of course that’s what gets them into trouble!  There was a recent study in Canada in which they categorized all the people by sun sign who were arrested in this particular city over a period of time.  Aries won hands down as the most arrestable.  Try to avoid becoming frustrated or lashing out at partners and loved ones.  They really can’t help it.  Patience is your key word and mantra this week.



News that you receive, or something that you read or learn, makes you realize that it’s time for some sort of drastic action, on the ‘street corners’ of your own neighborhood perhaps.  But one must control the urge to think that it’s all or nothing.  Some sort of adjustment or change of perspective is indeed called for that could have some radical effects on your sense of security, making you want to hold on even tighter.  This is probably not the best time to be making radical decisions, but do consider all the possibilities.  And then when the dust settles, make a commitment to a plan that you can live with.



As the hangover of the previous week wears off, you find that clarity resumes.  Even if it does incline you to want to go back and hide again.  For as the dust settles and the fog rolls out, and you can see clearly again.. it’s eventually going to become pretty clear that something is reaching a point of crisis, and can no longer be avoided or ignored.  This does not necessarily directly concern you, but by proxy you are being drawn in.  Someone you may know, perhaps a neighbor or relative, is going through an impending critical life change.



Could be seriously feeling like you need to defend yourself, your home, your family, your heritage, everything that you hold and care most about... as it seems like you are being threatened by forces beyond your control.  And that appear to also be insurmountable.  You are being drawn in several directions at once this week.  And could be feeling manipulated or controlled by others or outside forces.  Perhaps some sort of change does indeed need to be made in order to retreat to a place of safety once again.  Whatever you do, do not engage in the power plays and games of manipulation.  Step back, rally round and observe.  But do not get pulled in.  



If you get dragged into an untenable situation, whether that be a health problem, issues at work, or an overt crisis in ideology or politics, look for solutions.  The problem is not going to go away by just ignoring it.  In fact it is more likely to only get worse.  The placid lion is getting ready to roar.  It’s almost as if you didn’t realize the problem was as bad as it was, until you started to pay attention to it.  The good news, is that there are solutions coming in the wake of the New Moon in Leo next week.  One thing becomes evident, through patience, respect of your own and others’ limitations, and controlled and concentrated activity, you can heal all wounds.



You may not fully realize it this weekend, but Mercury did station direct last week. Yet you can’t quite shake that state of disorientation that came with this station.  That’s all right.  There’s so much going on in the world this week, it’s just as well to allow yourself to take some time out.  Some you time.  Away somewhere.  Or undisturbed.  This will help to keep you out of trouble or from being seduced into doing something you will later regret.  Hold your own.  Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated.



You are going to have to use some of those incredible powers of diplomacy that Libra is so well known for, in order to navigate some choppy weather this week.  It feels like you are coming up against all sorts of forces that are pulling you in various directions, and some how, some how, you got the job of fixing it all.  Be prepared to deal with uncooperative rebels, authoritarian neo-Luddites and manipulative wise guys trying to lead you down the garden path, and who are simply not willing to meet you half way.  Good luck.  This is also a week requiring incredible powers of patience as well as determination.  Remember, when you have right and justice on your side, you can move even mountains.  



You’re coming to realize that this is the end of an era.  Number one, you have to consider your health and well being.  Any stress that you have been putting up with, will no longer be tolerable.  This could be channeled either through an illness, or a painful injury or inflammation.  Or a seething sense of frustration when you realize that a change needs to be made but you feel like your hands are tied.  Use the energy to create a plan.  You may not be able to implement it right away, but your attention to detail and focus will leave no stone unturned.  Then use the New Moon next week to set your intention to follow through.



Now that Mercury is direct again, you can use the light and clarity that comes over the course of the week to look to the future, and start making plans again.  It will also help to ameliorate any problems or misunderstandings with friends or partners.  You are ready and open for new experiences over the next few weeks.  Whether traveling, studying, or seeking a new adventure... your world is going to be opening up in a really good way.  In the mean time this week, you may have some financial issues to iron out with others.  



This is a time to rely only on yourself and your own resources, gather in your scattered forces and concentrate on your own work.  If people are difficult, don’t engage in the negativity.  Break the karmic tie.  There is a traditional prayer in the South Pacific islands that recognizes our ownership and relationship to the experiences that come to us in our lives.  Both negative and positive, they are yours.  It is the Ho’oponopono prayer: “I am sorry, Please forgive me, I love you and  I Thank you.”  When you chant this prayer it is said to have a profound effect on the cycle of karmic events, disarming them and rendering them impotent.  A karmic cleansing if you will.  With the astro weather this week, this could come in quite handy.



Symbolically the Mars/Saturn conjunction is channeling a lot of the accumulated frustration of the ages.  We could be going back lifetimes here.  But what becomes apparent is that the world has changed dramatically, and a lot of the structures that you had previously come to rely on, are feeling threatened.  So you stand at this juncture, trying to decide if you should stand and fight?  Or should you concede defeat, and realize that it’s time to create a new and better plan.  You may not be able to implement it right away due to circumstances, however commitment to a goal is the first step.



Now that Mercury is finally direct again, you can start creating a schedule, get organized, and feel like you have some control over your daily activities and your environment.  Those things that were piling up at home and work can now be tackled.  And that feeling of being just this side of the ether?  Go with it for the first few days over the weekend.  It’s kind of like when you wake up in the morning and you still have the sleep in your eyes.  It’s a hangover from the previous week... as it recedes clarity will resume.



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