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The Cradle and the New Moon

Posted by Lauren on July 19, 2012 at 11:10 AM

This week an interesting geometric picture emerges in the days following the New Moon in Cancer.  We spoke of the harsh Mars/Uranus/Pluto t-square that perfected this past week... this week it is joined by Mercury and Jupiter, creating a Cradle and a Yod, which together create an interesting star formation, with Pluto at its apex.  A Cradle is an incredibly creative, albeit benign and often inactive, picture of 4 planets that literally transform the Mars/Uranus opposition into a supportive cradling hammock.  What is aggressive and explosive (as we have seen this past week in Syria for instance), has the option of becoming creative possibility, unveiling solutions where previously only antagonism existed.  Like a cradle swinging in a raging wind, the cradle envelops and protects one from the potential onslaught of the elements.


The Yod, which is sometimes referred to as the Finger of God, takes an otherwise fairly benign and fleeting aspect, and through 2 non-aspects (quincunxes), channels that benign relationship and intensifies it through the auspices of the planet pointed to, in this case Pluto in the land of corporate, governmental, and despotic power.  This benign aspect is Mercury retrograde sextile Jupiter, the planets of communication, travel and intellectual discovery.  Pluto is pulling in an opposite direction away from Mercury/Jupiter, not relating to the 2, yet channeling their energy in a deeply compelling way, making it stronger and more relevant.  Mercury/Jupiter (even as Mercury is retrograde and compelling us to finish up and fix and reevaluate) is about publishing, the news, the media, the written and spoken word, philosophy and addressing our personal belief systems....   Words will have tremendous power this week, for the good and the ill.  Truths revealed can either raise the powerful up even higher, or bring them to their knees.


Don’t be fooled, Mercury is still retrograde, as is Uranus.  I’ll be posting this essay quickly before my web server goes down (again) as it has twice three times in the past 2 days.  And I will send it through the ether of the air waves to my friends who have recently lost their power in the wake of sudden wind and electrical storms.  


The real power point, although drawn through the Yod to Pluto, is actually at the critical opposite point, in the sign of our New Moon, the Lunar sign of Cancer.  It is through our recognition of the importance of those people, foods, places, traditions, that give us our foundation, that support us, and make us strong, and giving recognition and reverence to these that will give us our true power.  From the bottom up.  The power has been funneled up to the 1% over the past 30 years, creating an inverted pyramid.  But a pyramid standing on its point, is not strong.  Our true strength is in the people, the earth, those that cradle and support us no matter how hard the winds blow, or whether or not the power goes out.  


There is a great deal of creative potential here as we travel through the dark phase of Mercury, and the growing light of the first quarter Moon.  But in order to access that creative energy, we need to first organize and then make some space and quiet in our lives.  You cannot hear her voice if there is too much noise.  Statistician, feminist and nurse, Florence Nightingale, realized the necessity of these periods of recuperation.  She used to say in order to be able to continue to help the ill and injured in the hospitals of London, she would need to occasionally step out of the environment, return home to the country, to both recoup and appreciate what she was accomplishing, while getting back in touch with herself and her purpose.


“Yes, Nature always does speak, don’t you think?  Only sometimes we make so much noise that we drown out her voice.  That is why it is so restful to go out of the town and nestle awhile in the Mother’s arms.” ~ Florence Nightingale


the above illustrations are by Jessie Wilcoxx-Smith


For the week of July 19th thru July 26th, be sure to read your Rising sign as well:



Rajneesh wrote: “A person should become sufficient unto himself... Sometimes your behavior may create difficulties for others, because they cannot conceive of what has happened in you.”  People are going to have to get used to the new you, and it’s not really your job to worry about them getting used to you.  You’re way too busy expending your energy in your own growth, discovery and fascination with yourself as you continue to unfold.  What you need, is the freedom to be you.  



The New Moon this week falls in the sign of Cancer, which is sort of the way that Taurus communicates and interacts with others... this is part of what lends that natural softness to their voices and often a quiet reticence.  It can also compel Taurus to want to withdraw at times, to seek alone time, especially when the world at large seems more harsh than usual.  But this is a shame, for when Taurus lets their voice be heard, it is filled with emotion and deep heart-felt meaning... as Taurus Rising, Martin Luther King Jr. said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”



The first half of Mercury retrograde involves something of a sorting out process.  This is usually traditionally when everything seems to go awry.  But part of the reason for this is to get everything sorted out from the previous cycle, in order to have some quiet time in the second half, which will be after July 28th.  But even as you are sorting things out this week, see if you can find time to allow the busyness of your mind to settle... or find some down time... if you can, you could become privy to some pretty amazingly creative voices arising from within.  Listen.



The New Moon this week fell at the end of your sign, Cancer.  This is a new beginning in general for you, where seeds are being planted for the year to come.  Some of these seeds may involve hitching your wagon on to some of these chariots of change that are rolling your way.  If nothing else, realize that even if you have not brought certain changes upon yourself, that this is a time to appreciate and celebrate the significant changes and events in your life that have led you to this place in time.  Perhaps an affirmation for Cancer this week might be: I want to create a sanctuary of peace and security within myself, that I can carry with me wherever I go.  



One of the most charismatic aspects of Leo is their apparent belief in themselves.  Your aura of assuredness allows us to trust you.  So even if this New Moon has you doubting yourself at times, chances are you’re not going to let it show.  But just to give you that extra edge and oomph this week, try this affirmation on for size: “I want to find myself free of hesitation or fear, which is interfering with my success in being able to fully express myself.”  A lion needs to roar with confidence and courage, especially now as we are entering Leo season.    



Although the first half of the Mercury retrograde can often feel very hectic and busy (thru July 28th), this retrograde period is really about retreat, and finding some alone time to commune with yourself, if it can be at all achieved.  This is because it will be in those moments that you will be truly inspired by connections and possibilities that you may have previously overlooked.  There is also an opportunity to reconnect with that which is spiritual in your life, finding inspiration within your subconscious or through the dream world.  Seek silence.



The natural inclination for Libra is to put others first, to put your own needs aside.  But now with Mars in your own sign it’s not only time for you to put yourself first for a change, it’s actually okay.  It may have raised a few hackles over the course of the week that just passed, but now things are moving in a different direction, where people and circumstances just naturally fall in line, making it possible for you to follow your own agenda.  



This week begins as an extension from last week in which perhaps you found yourself confronted with powerful forces beyond your control.  There is something to be said for the pen being mightier than the sword as a way to get even.  Just remember that Mercury is now retrograde, so that it is even more important to make sure that you are right before you make that call or write that letter.  See if you can take some time off from work.  It’s not so much about rest at this point, as it is about reassessment.  



With your ruler Jupiter exactly sextile Uranus this week how can Sagittarius go wrong?  Even with any temporary albeit annoying Mercury retrograde events that have you readjusting and re-planning, as merc retro will do, it’s as if a door is opening with all sorts of wonderful possibilities on the other side.  Luck is with you, if you are willing to do things a little differently from what you are accustomed.  What is coming your way is an inspiration that can lead to freedom and growth in ways that you had not thought possible previously.  Be inspired.



Normally staid, conservative, low-key Capricorn has been recently drawn into the fray.  Even though you’re probably a little reticent to participate.  But, perhaps that little bird voice is reminding you what they used to say in the 60‘s, that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.  Capricorn, Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “The question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be... The nation and the world are in dire need of creative extremists.”  See how you can creatively participate in rebuilding the world, rebuilding yourself in the image that you would like to see.



With co-ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, exactly sextile Jupiter this week, you can join Sagittarius and Pisces on the road to enlightened joy and possibility.  A part of you really really wants to make positive changes.  And to not only do so, but to do it quickly.  You see the door to freedom and excitement slightly ajar, and you feel quite annoyed with whatever is preventing you from opening that door and walking through.  Even if you can’t implement ideas right away (Mercury is retrograde after all), do make note of these inspirations as they arise.  Write them down, pay attention.... someone or something is knocking on your door... be observant.



With the New Moon in Cancer this week, home is where the heart is.  In more ways than one.  Your world is being opened through your experiences with those people closest and most dear to you.  What you are being shown is an inspiration towards new freedom, new possibility, which can take you in almost any direction at this point.  The first part of Mercury retrograde is a very good time to catch up on work that was placed on the back burner.  Reorganize your desk, your work place your papers.  There’s a purpose to this madness... when your environment is organized, then the next step is to create a sanctuary of peace and safety in which you can commune with yourself.

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