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Regaining our Equilibrium: New Moon in Libra

Posted by Lauren on October 12, 2017 at 9:10 PM

October 13th ~ 20th

Don’t you understand, what I’m trying to say?

And can’t you feel the fears I’m feeling today?

If the button is pushed, there’s no running away,

There’ll be no one to save with the world in a grave,

Take a look around you, boy, it’s bound to scare you, boy,

And you tell me over and over and over again my friend,

Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the even of destruction.

~ P. F. Sloan

As I write this, one of the worst natural disasters in the history of California has been taking place, in the beautiful Napa, Solano and Sonoma counties, where thousands of acres have been consumed by a series of uncontrollable raging hell fires. This new normal, is far from normal, as people gather their most precious belongings, prioritizing the elements of their lives, and stepping out into unknown territory. This disaster only just followed the unimaginable massacre in Las Vegas, the series of humungous hurricanes in the Caribbean and Southern states, and the 2 deadly earthquakes in Mexico. As we stand at the threshold of chaos and catastrophe, it is difficult to even know which way to turn, far less to make any sense of it all. One may ask, Is this what the end times look like?

Although it may not be the end, the disturbing thought is that these are all signs of what the new normal is going to be. Sometimes it takes a series of surprising events that allow you to see that things are not what you previously thought they were. And that a serious problem can no longer be ignored. We are winding down a lengthy period of revolutionary, and catastrophic astrological weather that began with a devastating drought in Syria in 2006-2010 which then contributed to the uprisings that destabilized the Middle East beginning in 2011. The revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square is currently separating, however it was also brought back into relief over the past year due to Jupiter traveling in Libra, opposing Uranus and square Pluto several times. Jupiter has this way of exaggerating and making things even larger, for the good and the ill. And that's what it did.

Jupiter just entered Scorpio last week, but the upcoming New Moon in Libra (Thursday, October 19th) is bringing all the forces together once again, as it will be exactly opposite unpredictable and erratic Uranus in the incendiary sign of Aries, while widely conjunct Jupiter, even though it is out of sign. Libra is normally a sign of peace and equilibrium. It is a sign of diplomacy and partnership. Jupiter is said to elevate and promote those things of the sign it travels through. But because of these hard aspects to Uranus and Pluto we have instead seen disequilibrium over the past year, divisiveness, and unprecedented events that are leaving everyone in a state of shock and awe. The scales of justice and equilibrium are in desperate need of repair, as we stand here waiting for the other shoe to drop. That’s what the New Moon opposing Uranus kind of feels like.

New Moons are about sowing new beginnings, and with the Moon pointing directly to Uranus, we are being asked to look at our current state of affairs with greater clarity and awareness. This is the New Normal, and we cannot ignore it any longer. Uranus implies that new conditions call for new strategies and new solutions. Saturn, which is also coming into the picture here, is closing in on its final trine to Uranus over the next 6 weeks. These times of uncertainty call for creative and alternative solutions, and Saturn/Uranus is about adapting in the best ways we can. The keywords for this transit are creative but practical innovations.

There are breakthroughs that can happen in these windows. Breakthroughs in technology. Breakthroughs in understanding. But more importantly these can also mark breakthroughs in the evolution of our society. And that means bringing our personal goals and strategies more in alignment with our ideals, especially where it benefits a greater cause, whether that be humanity, civil rights, the environment, equality, justice, or just coming to terms with our interconnection with and dependence on each other, and this, our home, our Mother Earth.

New Moons are times to sow intentions and affirmations. They are times of new beginnings. Therefore with the New Moon in Libra on Thursday, October 19th:

  • Even in the midst of chaos and unpredictability, sow the intention to be a center of calm and equanimity.
  • When others seek to sow divisiveness, seek to sow harmony by looking for points of agreement and mutual understanding.
  • Before making judgments, look at the situation from another person’s perspective.
  • Know what it is like to walk in another person’s moccasins.
  • Have the audacity to speak up when perceiving injustice, but also do so from a place of love.
  • Mobilizing and gathering the forces for a cause near and dear to your heart.
  • May we all become an instrument for positive change, while also always acting from a place of harmony and peace.

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