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Horoscopes: August 11th thru 18th

Posted by Lauren on August 10, 2017 at 11:00 AM

For the week of August 11th thru the 18th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


Pay attention to your health, your daily routines, and your work habits over the next few weeks. This includes such things as what you do to maintain your physical and mental well-being: such as what you eat, how you eat, and your relationship to food in general; what you do for exercise, and whether or not you want to incorporate a more mindful or spiritual practice into your routine. As for work, reassess how you manage your time and energy, and whether or not there are more efficient ways of handling tasks. There could be a sense of optimism for a few Aries people, especially if a new opportunity arises that could lead to greater growth. Although Mercury retrograde times are not necessarily a time to make major decisions, they are times to reassess and closely examine how you feel about any prospective opportunities that are being offered.


Mercury retrograde is stirring things up in the areas of the Taurus chart that have to do with love, joy, creative expression, and those things that make your heart sing. Allow yourself some time to connect with yourself in order to connect with any deep wells of inspiration. Even if it seems like a terrible waste of time, also make time for pleasant diversions: fantasize, daydream, reflect and reminisce. Follow piglet’s advice: Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing. Taking time out to absorb is half the process of creation, and by connecting with yourself you will find inspiration. There may be a few intense encounters or distractions that could throw you off course. These encounters could be charges with moral or ethical dilemmas. Don’t assume anything without first getting all the facts. But most of all, be very clear about what your own core principles and beliefs are.


This Mercury retrograde period should compel you to reacquaint yourself with your past in some way: your family your childhood, your roots; and to reflect on how these impact you now, in your current life and circumstances. This can include reconnecting with loved ones, or perhaps even returning home for a visit. It is also a time to reassess your own foundation and motives. Make sure that you have all the facts before you make any important decisions or assumptions. Even better, step back, and reassess the situation before saying or doing anything that you may later regret. Two trends may occur with Mercury being retrograde for the next 3 weeks. One is that you feel totally unmotivated, and not able to get anything done. Sometimes it is best to just let some things go. Mercury retro periods are times for deep reflection and assimilation, and outer activities can be distracting. On the other hand, if you totally connect with the whole Virgo zen-of-organization, then use that to tackle any projects that you’ve been putting off.


As Mercury stations retrograde, there is another intense configurations afoot that could bring you into some close encounters with others. You may even find yourself drawn into situations that prove to be all too sketchy. Watch for signs of manipulative or obsessive behaviors, and avoid taking on challenges that are more than you originally bargained for. All the more reason to make sure that you are hearing and seeing things clearly and getting the whole story. And make sure that you are being understood, even if it means repeating yourself. Lost emails, missed messages, misunderstandings are too common during these retrograde periods. Things that resonate with Cancer for this Mercury retrograde phase: re-reading a good book; taking a class over; revisiting old neighbors, siblings or classmates. Reunions. Taking some time out to meditate, or create space for silence and reflection. Allow the busyness of your mind to settle, and focus on what is in front of you. It is time to reacquaint yourself with your own mind.


In the midst of these powerful eclipses, and even as Mercury is stationing retrograde, a path may be yet unfolding before you. And as this path unfolds, it can also bring an abundance of inspiration and motivation to gratefully meet your future. For the 3 weeks that Mercury is retrograde, think about those things that are truly important to you, and look for ways to make more room for those things that are the priorities in your life. Be clear about what you are, or are not, willing to do without, and what you want to be spending your valuable time and resources on. When it comes to making any important business or financial decisions, see if you can hold off until after Mercury is direct again in September. Otherwise, if it cannot wait, make sure that you have all the information you need in order to make an informed decision, and look long and hard if something seems to be too good to be true.


As Mercury stations retrograde in your sign this weekend, it might at first be met with a bit of frustration if you are trying to start something new. Perhaps you may even need to take a few steps back before you can proceed again. A little patience is being called for, as distractions and diversions get in the way. Sometimes, anxiety and stress can escalate during these retrograde phases. Avoid dwelling on the past and what you should have done, nor worry too much about what might happen. Focus on the present and what is in front of you right now. It could also be that with your ruler stationing retrograde that you may not want to share what you are thinking with everyone. Some things are just better kept to oneself. See the events that arise over the next few weeks as opportunities to explore your own mind, habits and routines, and what you can do to improve these.


In the midst of the eclipses and Mercury stationing, there are some lovely configurations, but also a few challenging ones. Intense encounters can thrive in this weather, stirring up all sorts of crud from the bottom of the pot. As a result you may find yourself drawn into questionable situations that bring up moral and ethical issues. At this time it is essential for you to make sure that you are living up to your own moral standards and principles, and do your best to set the example for others. All the more reason, with Mercury now retrograde to make sure that communications are clear, and no assumptions are being made. What the next few weeks are good for is taking time out to reconnect with yourself. Go on retreat. Seek silence. You may feel detached from others, but that is because this is a time of self-exploration; and peace and seclusion will better allow you to do this. Reflect, and review. See what you can do to cultivate a broader understanding that deepens forgiveness and understanding.


Through the window of the eclipses a new goal or path may be emerging that could lead to newer and better things. But in the mean time during the next few weeks, you may find yourself reunited with old acquaintances which can bring up all sorts of memories. Mercury retrograde periods can bring rumination and reflection on the past. Some truths may be revealed. And some of these may have to do with reassessing the sustainability of choices you have made over the past few years. Focus on your priorities in order to keep things real. And make sure your communications with others are also clear in order to avoid any misunderstandings. One thing that the Mercury retro period is good for, for Scorpio, is to reacquaint yourself with your hopes and dreams. Perhaps you may wish to revisit a dream that you once had, or reassess your goals and hopes for the future, asking yourself, what is next on the agenda?


With Mercury retrograde for the next 3 weeks, you may want to reflect and reassess some of your goals. In fact, it may seem like a path is beginning to unfold before you, allowing you to see the hope of pursuing and fulfilling a vision for the future. A sense of optimism and excitement can ensue, as you reflect on the specific goals or projects that you would like to achieve over the long term. The retrograde period is very good for assimilating all of the information that you have been receiving. But you may not want to act right away. If you do have to make a major decision, make sure that you have all the information you need, and realize that often what seems like a good idea while Mercury is retrograde, could have its problems revealed later on, when Mercury is direct again. Do look at the big picture: reflect, analyze and reevaluate where you are now, and where you want to go. Do the research. But don’t necessarily make any major changes, if it can be helped. There is still so much to be considered first, and you want to make sure that you are fully informed.


This is a complex week, as we stand in the space between the two eclipses. Even so, you may begin to see a path unfolding before you that brings a sense of optimism and hope for the future. However, there is also some challenging weather this week that needs to be reckoned with. What is learned through your direct encounters with others could throw you back on yourself. If this is so, think of it as an opportunity to go high, and set the example for others. With Mercury stationing retrograde you could find yourself exploring different points of view, as well as how you feel about certain issues, or what you believe to be true. There may be quite a few distractions over the week ahead, but most importantly these retrograde periods are times in which to reacquaint yourself with your own mind, and what is your own personal truth.


In the midst of the eclipses and the Mercury station there should be much to consider. If obstacles keep cropping up, or obligations keep you from doing what you would really rather be doing, see if you can find some creative ways around those obstacles. Mercury is in the sign of Virgo, a sign of purification. Readdress any lingering habits; especially mental habits. It is time to reflect on ways to transform your life, releasing old ways of doing things, even turning over a new leaf; in order to clear the path and make room for health and renewal. There will likely be some delays or complications thanks to the retrograde, over the next few weeks, so patience will be required. But it could also feel like something remarkable is brewing. There are a few things this retro period is good for. One is exploring ways to pay down your debt. Another is about discovery: investigate, research, leave no stone unturned. There’s not telling what may be unearthed over the next few weeks.


There are only so many things that you have control over in your life. What you don’t really have control over are other people, their behaviors and their actions. What you do have control over is your own mind, and how you are going to behave and react to situations as they arise. Hold this in mind over the next few weeks while Mercury is retrograde. Just make sure that you have all the facts before making any major decisions, and don’t assume anything. Mercury retrograde periods often require a bit of flexibility, due to the distractions it brings. Meanwhile, this week there is also something lovely and compelling brewing that could stir your heart and soul. Dreams, romance, compassion and unconditional love. These are just the sort of distractions that are well worth indulging.

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