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Horoscopes: August 4th thru 11th

Posted by Lauren on August 3, 2017 at 3:25 PM

For the week of August 4th thru the 11th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:


The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse is disclosing ways that will allow you to work with others in order to achieve common goals, without compromising your own personal uniqueness and individuality. There is a balance to be achieved here, however you are not likely to want to compromise yourself, what with your ruling planet Mars radiating its own energy and power in the fire sign of Leo. It will be hard not to allow your personal light to shine these days, especially through the window of the Lunar Eclipse which brings many things out into the open. This one is thrusting all things Mars-like onto the stage, including Aries. One thing that makes you stand out, is your indomitable courage, and your natural sense of initiative and leadership. The more confident you are in your own capacity, the more others will be in you as well.


There are a few positive trends that buoy Taurus through and over the threshold of the Lunar Eclipse this week. For one, there is a sense of camaraderie, and feeling like you are on the same page with others. You may even be able to serve in the capacity of diplomat, or interpreter, as you can see through the veils of confusion and uncertainty that others may be experiencing. Your kindness and empathy will help to also ease over any misunderstandings, drawing you closer to loved ones and associates. Nonetheless, eclipses can be unpredictable in their effects, and can change the narrative. For Taurus it can also have an impact on certain goals for the future, especially if certain truths or facts are revealed that altar your prospects in any way. Lunar Eclipses are times when magic and rituals are strengthened. If you are so inclined, sow prayers and rituals that promote Taurean peace and understanding in the world. We could all use some of that about now.


There is something liminal, confounding and confusing in the window of these Eclipses. Much of that could be aggravated by Mercury slowing down for its station while mirroring elusive and deceptive Neptune. The only solution is to move through it, with a sense of faith in your own core beliefs, self-worth and understanding, and realizing that things are not always the way that they appear to be. However, in the midst of this, the Lunar Eclipse has this capacity to bring certain things to light, by shifting perspective and awareness just enough. Realize that once you have achieved a certain awareness about something it is hard to unsee it again. Trust in allies who have your best interests at heart. They will be the raft that carries you through and over the threshold of the upcoming eclipses.


Cancer, the Moon sign, is always sensitive to Eclipses. There is powerful magic in these liminal seasons of the year honoring the Lunar gods and goddesses. Therefore this Lunar Eclipse, for Cancer, is a good time for practices that promote physical, mental and emotional healing. Release the negativity of the past and allow it to be released in a way that harms none, and allow yourself to be reenergized with a sense of self-respect and self-worth. With Venus, the planet of happiness and love currently swimming through the watery depths of Cancer, she is calling to you from afar, asking you to fulfill your heart’s yearnings. Dreams, romance, beauty, compassion and unconditional love are calling. Seek out those people and things this week, that make your heart soar.


Both eclipses this month are particularly potent for Leo. The Lunar Eclipse on Monday will be especially strong for Leos born between August 5th and 9th, or who have 13-17º of Leo rising, although all Leos will feel it to some degree. One thing that the Eclipse brings is a shift in awareness, or a change in circumstances that allow you to see things in a different light. In this way Eclipses can be life-altering, if only by shifting your perspective. But even major events are not likely to hold Leo down this week, as courageous and undaunted Mars is energizing your sign with his presence. He is also speeding things up significantly, and one thing to watch is the Martian tendency towards impulsive actions or unforeseen accidents or events that catch you unawares. Lunar Eclipses in Aquarius can be enlightening and with Mars here, a catalyst for action. They can also create unwanted chaos. Pace yourself. And wear a seat belt at all times. There’s no telling into which stratosphere these Eclipses will launch you.


There can be something irritating, confounding and confusing in the window between the eclipses this year. Some of that is due to Mercury slowing down for its retrograde station while mirroring elusive and deceptive Neptune. It could feel like you are receiving mixed messages, and misunderstandings are more likely to occur at these times, therefore realize that things may not necessarily be as they appear. However, many things often come to light with Lunar Eclipses, which can change the narrative and the picture. Whatever you do, hold firmly to the truth, and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by circumstances. It is probably best not to make any major decisions just yet. There will be plenty of time for that later. Rather acknowledge that you are being asked to trust yourself even in the midst of uncertainty. If necessary, get second opinions from a trusted ally that you know has your best interests at heart.


There are a few positive trends this week that will work in your favor, carrying you through and over the threshold of the Lunar Eclipse on Monday. You may even see yourself serving in the capacity of a diplomat or benevolent guide as you are able to sift through the veils of confusion and uncertainty that others may be experiencing. And it could even feel like something conniving seems to be going on behind the scenes. Do not act on these yet. Much will be revealed over the next several weeks. And certainly Lunar Eclipses can be enlightening in and of themselves. There are times for a little radical independence, and with the recent station of Uranus still strong, holding to your own personal truth and unique style, will serve you well. However with empathic Venus high serving as a lodestar for Libra this week, there is a reminder here that much more can be achieved with a drop of honey than with a gallon of gall.


It seems that for the past few weeks I’ve been talking about the ways that Mars in Leo can bring you out into the foreground. This may or may not ring true. But knowing that this Mars, amplified by the Lunar Eclipse, has this capacity to make you shine brilliantly this week; dare to put your best foot forward. Show the world what sort of stuff you are made of. We all have something that makes us unique. Think of the qualities that you have that you are proud of, and then find opportunities to allow those qualities to shine. It will be noticed. You also may become aware of something that had previously been hidden. In which case, you may want to reevaluate your current plans and goals. The Lunar Eclipse is a good time for Scorpio to honor your ancestors and the rich history of your foremothers and fathers that runs through your veins.


Certain hopes and dreams could very well be realized over the next few months, if they haven’t been already. And if you were not aware of how that is being accomplished, the Lunar Eclipse could bring certain issues to the foreground, perhaps altering your perspective and expectations for the future. There still may be certain pressures to bear with, what with your ruling planet sparring with the Dark Lord Pluto this week. However, the more you hold to honesty, righteousness, and ethics, the greater your strength, even against the most formidable of odds. The Lunar Eclipse is a good time for Sagittarius to do rituals and prayers that connect you with deity, or that honor your spiritual path in any way, if you are into that sort of thing. Sometimes it is merely enough to honor the truths that are revealed at this magical time, and allow those to be your beacon and guide you.


At magical junctures such as these, when the Full Moon is partially obscured by the shadow of the Earth, certain truths and realizations are often revealed, that can change the whole playing field. You may want to ask yourself how and where you have gotten off course, and what you need to do to get back on. It may become apparent where you were placing undue expectations on yourself. Look at the ways you may be currently over-extended, and pull back, making a readjustment. This is a good week for pragmatic reevaluation and righteous truths. Hold on to those things that are worth your while, time and resources, and let go of those that are no longer serving you well. The Lunar Eclipse is a wonderful time for practices that promote healing and rehabilitation, but it is also a time to explore your relationship to your own self-worth.


The Lunar Eclipse on Monday falls in your sign. It will be most powerful for those Aquarians born between February 1st and the 6th, or have 13-17º of Aquarius Rising, although all Aquarians will probably feel the intensity of this Eclipse. Truths are unveiled, and awareness arises that can reshape perspectives and alter relationships. It may sometimes be, that in order to make radical and necessary shifts, we may be asked to release and let go of those things or situations that are no longer serving us. In this way it can open up a whole new field of possibility. This is a powerful time for Aquarius to connect to specific guides and teachings that ground you in your own truth and core principles. This is a good week to take an objective and realistic look at your life, your relationships and your hopes for the future. It could become apparent which are truly worthy of your time and dedication.


It can often feel like circumstances are stacked up against us, and that you can’t win for losing. However even in the face of extraordinary odds, when you cling to truth and honesty, you have the support of the universe on your side. But so much can be revealed through the veil of these Eclipses. Pay special attention to your dreams. The Lunar Eclipse is especially powerful for Pisces to do rituals or practices that increase intuition, and draw you to your spiritual center. Read the cards, throw some coins, scry oracles and tea leaves, dream and convene with the spirits of ancient past. This can also be a good time for practices that promote healing. With Venus, the planet of happiness and love, swimming in the watery depths of Cancer, she is tugging at your heart strings this week. Allow yourself to be drawn to those people and things that do indeed make your heart sing.


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