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The Balsamic Moon

Posted by Lauren on May 18, 2017 at 7:25 PM

May 19th ~ 26th


Listen to the wind, it talks. Listen to the silence, it speaks. Listen to the heart, it knows.


This week we are going to be navigating the dark of the moon. This is the waning phase of the Moon when it appears gradually to diminish to a mere sliver of a moon just before it vanishes altogether. Astrologers call this the Balsamic Moon. We are coming to the end of the lunar month, which is a time for assimilation, purification and withdrawal. This is when we are meant to get our bearings in order to prepare for the next leg of our journey. Something usually tells us to slow down at this time of the month, for it is time to restore our batteries and connect within. There are many ways to do so. Take your pick: meditate, contemplate, sing, chant, pray, draw, dream.


This weekend the Sun enters Gemini, a sign associated with the conventional, rational mind. The 5 senses are like the windows to our mind; and the mind in turn is the gateway to the soul. On a daily basis we are inundated with information through sound, sight, taste, smell and tactile sensations. Our mind is constantly needing to process all of that information and make sense of it. Depending on how much attention we give all this information, will determine how deep an impression it will make on our minds. Each of those impressions can leave photographic templates, memories, that linger, and may even decide to take up residence. If they are troublesome guests, they can take up valuable space, make noise, and be terribly distracting. There comes a time when these sorts of guests have over-stayed their welcome. It’s time to clean our mental house.


First we have to become aware that these residents are even there. You will need space and time in order to do so. Give yourself some down time this week, if even for a few minutes a day: turn down the noise, turn off the electronics, walk, daydream, watch the sun rise, read, get a massage, take a luxurious bath, do some yoga, meditate, draw, dance… whatever it takes to still your mind. Then purify, purify, purify. Release any energy-wasting negative thoughts that have taken up residence; ask these unwelcome guests to leave. Then surround yourself with those experiences, people and things that you would want to stay.


We are the caretakers of our own minds. And by taking care of our minds, we are also preparing ourselves for the next cycle to come with the next New Moon on May 25th. The New Moon does not make any major aspects this month, but the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury, is in the still and earthy sign of Taurus. So in addition to any new intentions you might want to seed with the New Moon next week, consider cultivating a more peaceful, less distracted mind. This can often be a challenge as we move into Gemini season, a time of year that is often filled with distractions, information, and activity. Think of it as sitting calmly in the midst of all that activity, as you pick and choose where you wish to linger.


This exercise will come in pretty handy. For over the next 10 days Mars will be approaching its opposition to Saturn, a transit that can be fraught with frustration, obstacles, delays and annoyances. Mars and Saturn are traditionally considered the ‘malefics’, and usually not much good comes of these two locking horns. Especially with the way that Mars is behaving nowadays. However Saturn is still exactly trine Uranus which can bring some creative insight as to how to get around this pickle. Patience and objectivity are going to be called forth in spades. See if you can maintain that calm control that we are trying to cultivate this week, and not get swept up in the cosmic brouhaha that is gradually brewing over the next few weeks.

The above painting "Blue Circus" is by Marc Chagall.


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