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Horoscopes: May 12th thru 19th

Posted by Lauren on May 11, 2017 at 7:50 PM

For the week of May 12th thru the 19th, be sure to read your Rising Sign as well:



Just when you thought that you had seen everything there is to see, along comes something else to shake your world. Who knows what to believe these days! One thing that you are being asked to do, however, is to be clear about what your core principles and beliefs are, and to stand by them. There may even be a few Aries types out their waving their banners, even in the face of disenchantment and futility. There has be something of an energy leak, which, as an Aries, you just might miss, until you find yourself flat on your back and unable to move. Pace yourself in the early part of this coming week, and plan your activities and demonstrations accordingly. The latter part of next week could be rife with social activities and you will need that energy just to keep up.



You begin to come into your own over the course of the week. One thing that is happening, is that you are coming to accept people and circumstances for who and what they are, recognizing that not everyone is perfect, including yourself. It may be difficult to focus and stay on task though, as there may be a few distractions, and they may be quite compelling. Taurus just wants to have fun this week, and there will probably be more than one opportunity to indulge that whim. If you are looking to get a lot done this week, this could be frustrating. But if you are needing a few frivolous distractions, then this will be the week for you.



You will probably find that the energy is finally going to be simmering down to a dull roar after the weekend. You may even find yourself (wisely) retreating into the background. This will be a welcome respite, especially if you’ve been feeling a bit like you are in the middle of a crazy, scandalous beehive of activity. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is moving into sublime and peace-loving Taurus on Tuesday. Think: spas, yoga classes and candle-light dinners interspersed with your usual vociferous and frenetic activities. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a little time out. At least now and then.



As we emerge out of the Full Moon in Scorpio that just passed, you may find yourself confronted with a whole new paradigm. It kind of feels like: ‘how are you going to keep them down on the farm, once you’ve seen Paris?’ Or, it could be, that once you see something, you can never un-see it again. Unexpected shifts can have this effect of stopping us in our tracks. But then the energy shifts after the weekend, as many are going to be slipping into a much warranted period of self-indulgence. There is no harm in this of course, provided you are aware of your limits… the inclination to want to throw caution to the wind and charge up the credit cards is high towards the end of next week though. Vigilance would be wise.



As you emerge out of last week’s Full Moon, you may either be feeling more empowered, or conversely disempowered. The more in tune with your purpose, the more empowered you should be feeling. And the more informed you are the better. But it could also feel like too much information is flying about. It’s time to haul it back in. And as we move into the coming week, try to achieve greater peace by being willing to offer an olive branch. It’s time to mend bridges. One way to do so, is by learning to accept people and circumstances for who and where they are, and recognizing that part of the experience of being human includes accepting its imperfections.



Your ruler, Mercury, is moving into the sylvan pastures of the sign of Taurus on Tuesday, and you just may well welcome this shift in the weather. There have been more than enough surprises, twists and turns these days, and it’s all that a Virgo can take. There come times, when it is necessary to recharge your batteries, and that includes considering taking some down time as well. It’s time to pause, slow down and smell the flowers. It is also a good time to get in touch with what your priorities, and core values are over the next 3 weeks that Mercury is in this sign.



Sometimes you just have to give in and stop fighting the urge. You know that chocolate cake is just calling your name. Some of the energy and motivation from the previous week is going to bleed over into this week, which may help to burn off some of those extra calories, but once that all fades away, all you are left with for the rest of the week is sheer indulgence. I’m of the opinion that occasionally we have to step off the grid, and indulge ourselves now and then. You’re not likely to get much else done any way. So provided you keep yourself mindful of your limits, and watch the inclination to spend a wee too much, enjoy! Live, laugh and be merry.



Scorpio tends to be skeptical any way, they don’t need any more reasons to feed that skepticism. So you may have been on something of a tear after the Full Moon last week in your sign. Especially if all sorts of hidden things lurking behind the bushes emerged seemingly from out of nowhere. The best advice is to look forwards, not behind. And don’t hesitate to hash it all out. As Mercury moves into Taurus on Tuesday, you are entering into a time that is really good for discussions, and gaining some perspective from others on where they stand. It is also a good time to try and negotiate agreements with others.



As Saturn has been winding its way through your sign these past few years, you have been hashing and rehashing your priorities in your life, exploring every facet. Lately, it may seem as if you are being shown ways to eliminate some of the obstacles that have been standing in your way, clearing a path for a new start or a new beginning. It may even be, that you are realizing that you don’t necessarily have to keep doing things the way you have in the past. There are alternatives, and sometimes better ways of doing things. One thing you may want to pay attention to, is making sure that you can afford it before you sign on the dotted line. Whatever that ‘it’ is.



One thing the Saturn/Uranus trine brings to the table, is that you don’t always have to do things the way you have in the past. And, in fact, there is a little pressure on to let go of those things, habits, lifestyles that you have outgrown, or are no longer serving you and your best interests. Saturn is your ruling planet, so generally you feel more comfortable with traditional ways of doing things. But Uranus is here, this year, to show you alternatives, and offer new ways to use your talent, experience and expertise to branch off in a different direction. Ideally a direction that allows you greater self-expression and the freedom to follow your heart’s desires.



I’m just loving this Saturn/Uranus trine for Aquarius. They are your modern and traditional rulers after all! But it’s also the signs these planets are traveling in which are both positive and inspirational signs for Aquarius: Aries and Sagittarius. This fiery duo can bring a surge of creative visualization and insight, that just might help to realign you with those things, people and goals that resonate with your hopes, dreams and ideals. And also help to free you up from those that are not. Ask yourself what sorts of simple adjustments or changes you might want to make, that will bring you more in touch with the life you would like to aspire to.



There is a little wear and tear on the psyche these days. But that is now beginning to fade. I doubt that it had you too debilitated… There’s just so much going on! It is also helpful at these times to triage, and remind yourself of what is or is not possible. At some point we all come to the point where we learn to accept and embrace the human experience for what it is, realizing that it is imperfect. One thing that we should all pay attention to towards the latter part of next week, is a tendency towards mindless self-indulgence. Therefore be mindful of the limits of your resources, money and time, while also recognizing those things that we have plenty of time for: humor, joy, laughter, and the company of good people.

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