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Mercury Retrograde and the New Paradigm

Posted by Lauren on November 2, 2012 at 8:05 AM

November 2nd ~ 9th


We can argue about the cause, and we can argue whether the cause was human behavior or natural weather cycles, but we can’t argue about the effects.  In the long term, if you conclude that it is human behavior, and I do believe it is, then we have to come up with some concrete solutions. ~ Gov. Andrew Cuomo, of the great State of New York


As we emerge out of the sludge, the slime, the mounds of snow in West Virginia, the halted transportation, our halted lives, the sense of loss and helplessness for many... it seems that there is some light ahead.  And as we valiantly pursue that light, just over there, Mercury stops in his tracks, and retreats once again.  Here, in the Northeast United States, much of our communication, power and travel came to an abrupt stop last week in the throes of a Full Moon and Mercury square Neptune.  The good news is that we are leaving the murk of the Mercury square to Neptune, and are approaching an enlightening Mercury trine Uranus!  Approaching is the key word here.  It’s going to be quite a while before things will be totally back to normal.


For just as it seems Mercury is about to perfect its trine to Uranus, Mercury stations Retrograde on November 6th, and retreats... back to the square to Neptune.  So use this brief period of light and clarity, and use it well.  It’s interesting (and been noted ad infinitum), that the Mercury station occurs on the same day as the US election.  Mercury retrograde issues are legendary: mixed messages, missed messages, travel glitches, communication and transportation, vehicles not operating properly or breaking down, recounts, recalls, regrets and do-overs.  


Many already know that I have predicted that President Obama would be reelected on November 6th, which would also be in keeping with the Mercury retrograde theme.  However, if by chance I am incorrect and Romney wins, then it will feel like we are being brought back to a previous time, retrograded as it will.  I will refrain from making a liberally biased remark in this regard, but a lot will also be determined by the patency and efficiency of the voting methods that day!  Some people will still be without power at this time, which creates its own endemic problems and obstacles to overcome.  And then there are those conservative “poll watchers” that have brought the US to the attention of the United Nations, which will be monitoring elections in many locations.  Mercury retrograde, combined with that square to Neptune can be quite shady, and rife with tricky shenanigans.  Hopefully the clarity of the trine to Uranus will shed light on much of this.


What Mercury retrograde periods are good for: taking trips back to where you used to live, going back over something, reviewing, repairing, doing something over again, or doing something you used to do, remembering, reminiscing, fixing things the correct way.  You get a second chance with Mercury retrograde periods to do things the right way.  The way they should have been done in the first place.  What at first becomes apparent, is all the stuff that needs to be repaired or fixed or organized.  But through the clarity of Uranus, we should pay attention to these, and take note, before we head back to the Mercury/Neptune square period after the 10th, in which it will be much more difficult to be organized, and see things clearly.  


Within the context of “doing things the right way”, we are still under the aegis of the Uranus/Pluto square of change and the necessity of change.  And it is being activated by Venus this weekend, now in her own sign of Libra, opposing Uranus and square Pluto.  The United States has been particularly complacent about climate change, and yet they have been pounded by one climate disaster after another over the past 10 years: monster storms, monster tornadoes, terrible droughts and uncontrollable wild fires.  Pluto in Capricorn periods are times when we need to address the existing, and particularly the outdated or limiting infrastructure, and explore what we need to do to rebuild these the correct way.  Rebuild a stronger, more stable, more sensible infrastructure.  


Uranus presents the new paradigm, and with the square to Pluto, the critical need to change immediately.  It can no longer be ignored.  Venus in Libra is about working together, civility, even crossing political or partisan lines (strange bedfellows?) in order to do the right thing.  New allies, new partnerships are being reorganized, albeit somewhat awkwardly.  Perhaps as Mercury stations to its trine to Uranus, the planet of light, electricity, and enlightenment, the people of the US will realize our relationship to climate change, and what we can do to not only adapt to a new paradigm, but mitigate some of the irresponsible behavior that has contributed to it in the first place.  May it be so.


No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein


For the week of November 2nd through the 9th, be sure to read your rising sign as well:



Venus opposite Uranus can make some interesting, if not odd, bedfellows.  Alliances seem to be redistributing themselves according to ideals, though not necessarily personal comfort levels.  Perhaps what is really needed, is respect for each others freedom to simply be themselves.  Those people who do not respect your freedom to be yourself, will certainly not be tolerated.  As Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius, many Arians will be re-thinking what they believe.  It’s easy to take off on tangents that are not really important, however sometimes all it takes is to look at a problem from a completely different perspective in order to arrive at a reasonable solution.  



It would probably be wise to refrain from political or religious discussions over the weekend.  People will be quite opinionated, and conversations could go south quite easily.  The last thing you need is to get embroiled in some sort of power play.  Both tolerance and patience are key to fulfilling one’s ideals, and trying to maintain the peace.  After mid-week, peace and tolerance resumes along with good will and good feelings.  Knowing this will help you over any contentious hurdles before the 6th.  



Geminis are always sensitive to Mercury retrograde periods.  Mercury’s trine to Uranus will help to keep some lines of communication clear, but still be aware of the possibility that either you will misunderstand what others are trying to say or mean, or others will misunderstand you.  Make sure that you are hearing clearly what the other people are trying to tell you.  And get second opinions if necessary.  Something could be revealed through the trine to Uranus, that could change your mind or perspective.  Could be some reason to celebrate, or breathe a big sigh of relief as the end of the week approaches.  



When Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius, this is a good time to revisit a health issue or regimen, maybe rethinking a diet, or exercise plan that had gone by the wayside, or may not be working as well as you had hoped.  However, before starting a new plan, make sure that you have all the facts and/or get a 2nd opinion.  At work, see what you can do this week to reorganize your desk, your work place, or catch up on work that was placed on the back burner.  It will be easier to do so this week than it will be later.  You may have to re-do some projects, but this gives you the opportunity to do it better.  There is also an opportunity to look at your work from another angle, giving you some creative insights this week.



With Mercury stationing retrograde this week, take some time to connect with yourself, in order to find inspiration.  Worry less about producing and step out of your own way.  Recall what it means to be a child again, relearning spontaneity, joy and allowing the flow of your imagination.  This can mean actually spending some time with children, it can also just mean allowing yourself some time out to play.  Spend time doing what you love to do.  It may feel non-productive at the time, but often that is when those brilliant streaks of inspiration arise.  Be open to possibility.



Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius commences a few weeks of reflection, especially on the past, on your childhood, and your relationship to your family.  Some Virgos may even return home, or reestablish a relationship with a relative that they haven’t seen in a while.  Through the enlightening auspices of the Uranus trine, you may even become more aware of how the experiences in your childhood and family traditions and culture have contributed to the ways that you deal with stress.  Retrograde periods are very good for reflection, and through this, while Mercury is trine Uranus, perhaps something important can be revealed.  New solutions to old problems.



With Venus in your own sign there is an effort to establish a rapport with people with whom you had previously been estranged, or had some contention.  There are times when it is best to put differences aside, especially when you have a common purpose to achieve.  Even if things are a little awkward, there are some things that are just more important than ego.  Sometimes it takes times of stress to put things in perspective.  As the week proceeds, it will lighten up considerably.  Any social activities, or connections with people, even people far away will go well... there may even be opportunities for some to celebrate.



When Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius it’s time to prioritize.  This may be due to financial challenges, and trying to figure out which are the most important bills to pay.  But generally, it’s really about those things that are truly valuable to you.  Something may occur to shed light on this topic.  And it could be quite enlightening.  Are you spending enough time on the things and people that matter to you most?  Do you think that you are using your time judiciously?  What adjustments can you make in order to manage both your money and your time in a way that will satisfy both your needs and your desires?



When Mercury first enters one’s own sign, an urge to communicate, to have your say, presents itself.  But as Mercury stations and then retreats, eventually heading back to Scorpio again, it could present you with a shift in consciousness.  A change in mind.  A change in plans.  The thing to always keep in mind though, is that when Mercury is retrograde a lot of the things that seem like a really good idea, will have their weaknesses revealed when Mercury stations direct again the end of November.  What this retrograde is good for, is introspection.  If you can’t get the words out the way you would like, write your ideas down in a diary.  This is a period of exploration and reflection, not commitment.  And it’s a time to get to know yourself.



If you or someone you care about has been straying, or spending time on their own,  or with others, you (or they) may react with a moment of peevish jealousy and ownership.  It’s good to remember at times like this, that when two people are joined together in friendship, partnership, or even marriage, that they are still two people, not growing in either person’s shadow.  Mercury stationing in Sagittarius is a time for Capricorn to reconnect with themselves.  Go on retreat, seek some silence.  Memories may reemerge from the past, but simply recognize them for the ghosts they are.  It is in those quiet moments that revelations can be made.



As Mercury hesitates and turns about in Sagittarius, Aquarians may be reassessing other options in their lives.  You’re thinking that your future may need to be reassessed.  Remember though, that although the 3 weeks that Mercury retrograde is good for exploration, it is not necessarily good for commitment.  Old friends may reappear from out of the woodwork.  Or you may find yourself having a misunderstanding or miscommunication with a friend.  Avoid gossip and/or rumors.  If someone approaches with whom you’ve had a past, accept them for who and what they are.  Perhaps the key to your relationship is being willing to give each other the freedom to simply be yourselves without any expectations or limiting conditions.  



Some Pisces may be reconsidering a goal, job or decision about their future.  It’s just wise at this time to remember, that as your perspective changes, this is a time to explore and consider your inner needs.  And it is not necessarily a good time to make commitments, or major decisions in your outer world.  This is because the three weeks that Mercury is retrograde, some things may seem like a pretty good idea, only to have their faults revealed when Mercury stations direct again the end of November.  It’s okay to take some time off and explore how you feel about your future... just don’t commit just yet. 


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